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The Citizens for Health Action ( http://www.citizens.org/ ) with help from Citizens for Safe Drinking Water placed an action alert on their website that, when clicked, brings you to a pre-written letter to Congress to support the EPA's call for a fluoridation moratorium: All you do is fill in your name and address and off it goes to your representatives.

This is what it says (it can be changed and personalized if you want)
As your constituent, I join Citizens for Health, Citizens for Safe Drinking Water and a host of other health conscious groups in urging your sponsorship and active support for a two-step request from the coalition of 11 unions representing more than 7000 environmental and public health professionals of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

I urge that you:

1) Demand that EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson immediately issue a public warning in the form of an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking setting the health-based drinking water standard (MCLG) for fluoride at zero, as it is for all known or probable human carcinogens, pending a formal recommendation from a National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council committee.

2) Sponsor and support a public Congressional hearing to determine the merits of a moratorium on the U.S. Public Health Services’ national program to fluoridate all of America’s public water supplies pending a review of the current science on the risks and benefits of fluoridation, including recent evidence of correlations to an elevated risk of fatal bone cancer in young boys, and a doubling of the incidence of dangerous levels of lead in children’s blood.

Your active support is essential, as the scientific process and the protections we expect from our government agencies have not been applied with the unbiased intention this issue deserves.

This request for your action includes links to documents detailing the scientist unions' request, specifics of a 1998-2000 Congressional investigation on fluoride, and a recently reported cover-up of essential scientific data by Harvard's Chairman of the Department of Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology.

A brief summary, as prepared by Citizens for Safe Drinking Water:

Congressional investigation reveals that industry self-regulation has gone awry without appropriate oversight of the actual substances used for fluoridation

The beginning steps of a Congressional investigation of the actions by our various protective agencies concerning fluoridation took place from 1998-2000, with revelations that,

• U.S. EPA gave up all oversight responsibilities and safety standards for water additives in 1988;

• The resulting “industry self-regulation” standards allow fluoridation chemicals to contain arsenic in concentrations destined to cause lung/bladder cancers in 1 per 1000 consumers over a lifetime, and water suppliers to declare those concentrations “Not Detected”;

• Our protective agencies can not find even one single chronic toxicological study on the actual products that more than 90% of the population under fluoridation programs throughout the nation are consuming; and

• U.S. FDA states that they have never approved for safety or effectiveness any fluoride substance intended to be ingested for the purpose of reducing tooth decay, specifically approving only fluoride substances intended for topical application to the surface of the tooth.

Unfortunately the public hearing that these Agency responses deserve was sidelined along with other important issues during the political fray of the Presidential impeachment era.

The original assumption that the benefit of fluoride is derived by ingestion has been scientifically accepted as false. Any beneficial effect is attributed to topical application.

Putting the claims of effectiveness that typically drive fluoridation public policy into perspective, the July 2000 cover story of the Journal of American Dental Association clarified that ingestion of fluoride provides no significant reduction in tooth decay, and a fifty-page report of August 2001 by the Centers for Disease Control, while still touting fluoridation, declared that there is no correlation between fluoride concentrations in water and occurrences of tooth decay, as the benefits of fluoride to teeth is derived from application to the surface of the tooth, not from swallowing.

Harvard professor’s suppression of evidence under NIH contract illustrates the importance of your intervention

This is not an issue that can be left for the various agencies to “sort out” on their own.

The October 24th 2005 issue of Time Magazine and previous stories in newspapers including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal report that the Environmental Working Group is demanding an immediate investigation of Professor Chester Douglass, Chairman of the Department of Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology at Harvard.

Douglass, working under a $1.3 million National Institute of Health grant to evaluate fluoride consumption and bone cancers, declared, unequivocally, that there is no evidence to show any correlation between fluoride ingestion and cancer. In fact, he approved a thesis for granting a doctorate degree to his student, Elise Bassin, who took the Professor’s own data and showed that there is a seven-fold increase in rare fatal bone cancers in young males during their rapid growth periods when consuming fluoridated water.

Professor Douglass referenced Bassin’s study as if in agreement with his report, and also failed to reveal that he is the editor of a newsletter for Colgate, which has the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The union of EPA scientists that professionally evaluates the scientific data for Agency use in setting public policy will not be silent in the face of this imminent harm

The coalition of unions of EPA scientists are prepared to provide comprehensive data, even beyond the Bassin correlation of fluoride consumption to fatal bone cancers, including studies of more than 400,000 children that correlate the presence of the most widely used fluoridation chemicals with a doubling of the incidence of danger levels of lead in children’s blood. This imminent danger warrants this country’s immediate attention.

Your action is imperative.

I ask that you take heed and act to assure the protection of our precious public water supplies by fulfilling the two-parted request of the union of EPA scientists.



Coalition of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Unions Request for EPA Advanced Notice for Rulemaking to set health-based point of safety for fluoride in water at zero

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The Canary Club is an educational advisory group with a team of medical advisors headed by Richard Shames, M.D.