"Give us the power to decide what gets in our mailbox."

We work hard every day to achieve this goal. But we know that when you receive an unwanted catalog in the mail, you may wonder: Is Catalog Choice working? We confidently report that yes, Catalog Choice is working. Our approach is showing results, for you, merchants and the environment.

Here are some important updates and thoughts we want to share with you:

* Nearly 200 catalog mailers are participating in Catalog Choice, and this number grows every day. Check out our new "Bravo Merchants"page, which gives you a convenient way to shop online by catalog
brand. In the months ahead you'll see more mailers post their electronic catalogs.

* We are engaged with the catalog industry at the executive level, working with key decision-makers, the US Postal Service, and industry associations to ensure that merchants honor your mail preferences.

* Please use Catalog Choice for those unwanted catalogs you receive in the mail. We established our service to be title-specific. To decrease the chances of your name being rented, sold, or exchanged
by catalog companies, consider the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service at www.DMAChoice.org. This service will remove you from DMA member prospect lists. In response to Catalog Choice, DMA recently dropped the credit card verification and fee requirements. Please avoid using Catalog Choice for catalogs you've never received.

These are challenging financial times for merchants. There is no legal imperative for merchants to honor your opt-out requests; we depend on the merchant's good faith to respect consumers' mail preferences. Some mailers are reluctant to remove valuable customer names from their mailing lists without a confirmation directly from the customer. If you are a catalog customer, some mailers may reach out to you with a phone call, an email, or a post card. Others may send you a catalog to see how you respond. If you buy from that catalog, it is unlikely that the mailer will remove you from their mailing list.

We stand by our mission to reduce the mailing of unwanted catalogs. Our approach is to continue working collaboratively with the catalog industry to embrace voluntary measures to reduce unwanted mail by honoring your mail preferences. This requires a relationship of trust between Catalog Choice and mailers - and this takes time. We ask for your continued patience and support. So stick with us and tell a friend. The larger our voice, the more progress we can make together.

The Canary Club is an educational advisory group with a team of medical advisors headed by Richard Shames, M.D.