Summer Solstice and Magic Garden


The Magic Garden

When I asked the Plant Spirits about the Solstice, they said,

“It is either the height of our greatest growth or our greatest decline, depending on what hemisphere you live in. Either way it is a joyous time for us. We would like to share that joy with you. All you have to do in tune into the energy around June 21st and you will see what we mean. Many of you do rituals around the beauty and bounty of Nature and that is a good way to align with the frequencies of heath, wealth and abundance of all kinds.

Let Nature nurture you. Go out and sit under a tree or in your favorite spot and call forth the Plant Spirits to assist you in your own heath and well being. The more you can align your rhythms with that of Nature the more harmony you will find in your day to day existence.

Do you ever wonder why you feel such peace when surrounded by the beauty of Nature? It is because it is one of our tasks in being here; that is to create beauty, harmony and peace to all those who admire our physicality. And, in return some of you are impulsed to grow us, plant us and nurture us. Then we flower and fruit and give back to you. We like to think it is an equal energy exchange.

And, if you want to take it a step further and expand your awareness you will see that there is an even greater symbiosis between us. We take in the Sun’s energy and give off oxygen which you need to breathe and in turn you breathe out carbon dioxide which we ingest. So you see there really is a wonderful relationship between the two species. Together we create a balanced atmosphere for each other and many other life forms as well. Let us indeed celebrate the Sun’s path across the heaven which gives life to us all.

Around this same time the Sun moves into sidereal Gemini, the constellation that is nearest to the galactic equator. In fact, the feet of the Twins rest securely on the Milky Way. The Milky Way is a massive cluster of stars in which our solar system resides. This position is sometimes referred to as the Gate of Man. During this time it is believed that communication between the greater galaxies and our solar system/earth is enhanced. This is why one of the qualities of Gemini, and this time of year, is thought to be about ease of communication both mundane and ethereal.

This is a good time to make all those calls you’ve been putting off for one reason or another. Knowing the celestial Beings are with you can really make a difference.

So, do not be reticent about asking the unseen helpers to assist you in bringing harmony and balance into your life. This includes all things physical, mental and spiritual. Be specific, but be open; thus allowing the Universe to bring you the essences of your desires in ways far greater than you ever could have imagined.”

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