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PLEASE NOTE:  We are not, at this time, able to process orders for NY State.

Labrix was founded to address the clinician's need for precision and reliability and the scientist's demand for quality and integrity. Labrix is a CLIA registered laboratory.

Labrix Clinical Services, Inc. headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, uses state-of-the-art saliva hormone testing techniques.

Labrix was founded by clinicians Jay H. Mead, MD, FASCP and Erin T. Lommen, ND with the goal of raising the bar on quality hormone testing. Dr. Mead's 25 years in laboratory medicine, plus the doctors combined 40 plus years in clinical practice, Labrix founders were well positioned to achieve their goal.

In a few short years, Labrix has become recognized for setting a new standard for

  • saliva testing in accuracy,
  • reliability and turnaround times.
  • urinary neurotransmitter testing

For the Canary Club members, we offer the Labrix neurotransmitter test panels, the hormone test panels, and both combined.

Building on their clinical experience both Dr. Mead and Dr. Lommen are recognized experts in their field, presenting frequently at medical conferences throughout the US, Mexico and Canada, where they blend their deep clinical knowledge with a fierce passion for sound scientific practices

Labrix Medical Director, Jay H. Mead MD, is a pathologist who has served as Chief Medical Director of a number of the country's well known medical institutions. Dr. Mead has many years of clinical experience treating patients in his own integrative medicine practice.


LABRIX Leadership Team

Dr. Jay H. Mead, M.D., Medical Director, President
Jay H. Mead M.D. is a leading expert in salivary hormone testing. For five years, he served as the medical director of one of the nation's largest salivary testing laboratories. Dr. Mead has been practicing as a clinician for over twenty years and understands the need and value of accurate and reliable hormone testing. Dr. Mead is a board certified pathologist, a flight surgeon in the United Air Force Reserves and cofounded and directs a complementary and alternative medical clinix in Portland, Or. He has certification in blood banking and lead the American Red Cross as medical director for over 10 years.

Dr. Erin Lommen, N.D., Associate Medical Director
Erin Lommen ND. has practiced Naturopathic Medicine for over 27 years. She is the cofounder of Labrix and of the Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Lommen was the clinical investigator for a successful five year NIH-funded research study wherein she utilized saliva testing for bioidentical hormone therapies.  She has taught as an Associate Professor for the National College of Naturopathic Medicince for many years.  Salivry hormone testing is the touchstone of her Naturpathic practice.  Dr. Lommen is the co-author with Dr. Mead of the popular book "Slim Sane and Sexy"; Pocket Guide to Natural Bioidentical Hormone Balancing.



LABRIX Insurance Policy

When you receive the discounted rate you handle your own insurance claim. Upon receipt of payment in full, LABRIX will provide you with an insurance receipt. You may submit this receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement (in accordance with your health plan benefit coverage).

You are directly responsible to LABRIX for payment. LABRIX does not accept responsibility for disputed, denied or unpaid insurance claims.

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