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For over a decade, the Canary Club has been a major voice in the growing social awareness movement grappling to understand hormone levels and their impact on one's health.

Working with pioneers in the medical and scientific lab arenas, more thorough and exhaustive diagnostic tests were formulated using the newest technologies and science available.  These home diagnostic tests were in the form of saliva and blood-spot testing, a revolutionary approach that largely replaced the need for drawing vials of blood from your arm at a lab or office.

These new technologies allowed for a greater number of your hormone factors to be tested, provided more reliability and assurance and breadth in the reporting results, and at a significantly lower cost when compared to the national health-care system of diagnostic tests and protocols then available.

We believe that you need to know what is impacting your hormone health, and saliva and blood-spot diagnostic tests have proven themselves to be an accurate assessment.

Canary Club was founded on the principles that diagnostic tests need to be accessible to you, at home, without the added cost or inconvenience of an office visit.  To be accessible, they need to be affordable. 

In the interest of serving the public good, the Canary Club continues to offer our comprehensive home diagnostic tests at the lowest cost available, compared to any lab or organization.   Compare our pricing against established national or international organizations, and let us know if there are any exceptions.  We haven't found any, and we have been looking.

You will have access to these benefits:

  • HOME DIAGNOSTIC TESTS. Assess your hormone levels and endocrine gland functions.  Gain instant access to hormone tests from the same labs your doctor uses and our comprehensive hormone tests are at the lowest cost of any provider, anywhere.
  • COMPLIMENTARY Reports. Registration gives you access to current and upcoming free reports on thyroid, adrenal, and hormone imbalance as well as other  related issues.
  • ACCESS TO Hormone Health Lifestyle, a program where you have direct access to:
    • Hormone experts with proven techniques for improving health and hormone balance,
    • Lively two-way discussion tele-calls with integrative health practitioners, and,
    • Lifestyle consultants with tips and recommendations to optimize your hormone health for better living.
  • COMPLIMENTARY AUDIO DOWNLOADS.  You may participate in our tele-calls and ask your hormone-related questions directly, and get answers from industry medical experts in real-time. As an added benefit, you can download the audio recording of the tele-call afterwards!
  • COMPLIMENTARY Library of Industry Articles. Keep informed of the new insights in science and medicine in hormones and health.
  • COMPLIMENTARY Monthly Newsletters. Special offerings, information and announcements that help your  hormone health.
  • Access to Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements. Your membership gives you access to the same professional grade formulations as your doctor!
  • Complete Confidentiality. All lab tests are ordered directly from the lab confidentially, in accord with HIPAA regulations.   You receive your own results directly.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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Register for a FREE Account and get the benefits of Membership