Survey 2017: Your Top Questions, Answered!

In February 2017 we sent a survey to our members to help determine what direction to take with new resources that support achieving and maintaining good health. This is part of our ongoing effort to provide the most current information on topics of interest, as well as offering the best at home testing at the most affordable prices.

The survey responses contained many great questions posed back to us. Here are our answers.

In this article we first address questions about our service. Then we get into specific tests many people requested... that we already have! So please read on...


Q: Do I need a doctor recommendation to order a test?Ordering at home hormone test

A: No. When you join and become a member of Canary Club (free!), you become part of our advocacy group headed by Dr. Richard Shames. No other doctor recommendation is necessary for you to order any of our at-home tests.

Q: Are your tests appropriate for children?

A: Yes. All testing we offer is ok for children of all ages!

Q: Can you offer lower prices?

A: We are doing the absolute best we can for you! Our commitment is always to provide the lowest possible prices for our members. There is a "minimum advertised price policy" set by the labs we use. We offer the lowest available price on the chart for just about all our tests.

Q: How can I get help interpreting results and treating my issue?Dr. Richard Shames - phone coaching sessions for hormone issues

A: First, read our article entitled just that: How Do I Interpret My Test Results? Then, in addition to discussing with your local medical practitioner, you may take advantage of phone coaching sessions with our chief medical advisor and hormone expert, Dr. Richard Shames. We also have a number of other recommended practitioners for your consideration.



One question we posed in last month's survey was:
Is there something you are looking for that we don't yet offer?

Many of our members requested tests... that we already have available!

If you asked for something in particular- and even if you didn't but want to be guided- we direct you where you need to go. Below are links to the particular tests most people asked about. In short- yes we have the right test for you!


Melatonin Levels
at home melatonin and cortisol Testing
This can be found in the Sleep Balance Profile. Uncover the truth about sleepless nights. Restful sleep depends upon several key hormones being in balance. Now a simple, at home option eliminates the need for middle of the night samples. This is the first four-point test profile offering a complete diurnal pattern of melatonin and cortisol.

Heavy Metals / Environmental Toxins?Heavy Metals at home testing
We actually have four tests for this. Four!

Comprehensive Elements + Thyroid Profile
This test is great for measuring iodine levels and the ability of your thyroid to utilize it, along with the known biological toxins bromine, arsenic, mercury and cadmium as well as selenium and creatinine.

Elements Profile - Dried Urine
Iodine, Bromine, Cadmium, Selenium, Arsenic, Creatinine and Mercury

Elements Profile - Blood Spot
Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, and Selenium.

Comprehensive Elements Profile - (Blood Spot and Dried Urine)

This test combines the two above, making it a very thorough inspection of these toxic and essential elements in your system.

Thyroid with T4?at home thyroid testing

Our Basic Thyroid Profile Kit includes a measurement of fT4, the free (unattached) thyroxine hormone. You may add our Total T4 Test to see the complete amount of T4 in your blood, both attached and free.


All of our neurotransmitter tests measure this excitatory chemical - from the lowest cost NeuroBasic Panel to the comprehensive NeuroHormone Complete Plus which includes hormone testing. Ideal for anyone having symptoms of depression, fatigue, stress, brain fog or anxiety.

Female Hormones?at home female hormone test - estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, dhea, lh, shbg, fsh

We offer testing for:
Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone and DHEA

Can be found in all our hormone panels, from the comprehensive AdvancedPlus down to the Basic Saliva Panel.

Also check our individual tests (LH, SHBG, FSH), as well as specialized profiles such as the Fertility Kit and Sleep Balance Profile.

And for the men?at home male hormone test with psa prostate health

All Testing works for men and women. The HIS Advanced Plus is a great overall hormone test for men, including PSA for prostate health.


Single ZRT Hormone Tests?

We do offer many Individualized Tests in blood spot as well as the basic Hormone Trio in blood spot or saliva.

Keep in mind - the purpose of testing is for your practitioner to be able to see the whole picture in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Anything Else?

If you need assistance finding the right test for you, feel free to contact us at:
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We love to hear from you!

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