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In our May 2018 survey, we received many thoughtful questions and suggestions from our dedicated members. We greatly appreciate your participation!

So, let's get right to it:

Request: More Info on Hormone Consultation Packages

Canary Club is considering offering test/consultation combo packages. Many people do not know what to do with the results they receive, or where to seek good advice in managing unbalanced hormones, thyroid and neurotransmitters. Googling it won't help as you can go mad with all the conflicting info out there.

If we do go ahead with testing/consultation packages, we will be teaming up with a select handful of esteemed health specialists. Again, we strive to offer the most affordable rates but it will be partially determined by the practitioners. All consultation services will be conducted independently from Canary Club. We are still figuring out logistics and will keep you posted...

Concern: Finding the Right Test on our New Website

With the launch of our new website in February, we have spent a lot of time streamlining and guiding people to the right test(s) for them. For simplicity sake we have limited the number of categories. There are dropdowns from the top main menu, as well as a more visual way to explore in the Online Store portal. All tests are "tagged" with symptoms, sample type, and more so you can search by those terms as well.

Your feedback in this regard is very helpful so if you have further ideas please share!

Request: Test Comparison Chart

We actually DO have a way to see test details side by side. Just click the friendly "Add to Compare" button on any test's page. Then hit "Click HERE to view your Product Comparisons."

Concern: Affordability

Many in our community mentioned concern about prices. We totally understand budgetary constraints and we always do our absolute best to set and maintain our prices at the lowest rates for you. We regularly do price comparative checks for the exact same tests we offer, and make sure ours are the lowest.

limbo danceThe labs now set a minimum price point; we set our prices from there. Canary Club is proud to win the limbo contest of at home hormone and health testing! How low can you go?!

New Testing

There was a mixed level of interest on the new proposed testing so we are working on the logistics of which ones to start with. Again, we will keep you posted...

We always love to hear from our members and anyone interested in what we do. Keep your questions and suggestions coming! Feel free to contact us any time.

PS: Stay tuned for our late summer discounts coming in August 2018!