The female body requires an optimal balance of progesterone and the estrogen hormones (a trio of related hormones called estradiol, estrone and estriol). Progesterone Deficiency occurs when the hormonal balance is shifted in favor of the estrogens. This condition is also referred to as Estrogen Dominance.

Dr Shames and Dr Zava
This article is the transcript of a conversation between Dr Richard Shames, highly respected endocrinologist and Canary Club advisor and Dr. David Zava, the founder and CEO of ZRT Laboratory.  In this conversation they discuss Saliva Tests, testing information and its impact on patients and patient self empowerment. 


By Drs. Richard & Karilee Shames

Over several years, we created a road map to empower people like yourself who know there's something not right but can't find acknowledgment within the hallowed halls of medical science. What if your situation is not truly an abnormal medical problem, but instead simply borderline gland function. It could eventually deteriorate into a serious medical situation, but we have good news for you. It doesn't have to progress; you can take charge of your hormonal balance and learn to restore and revive your glands.

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