Health Tip From The Magic Gardener

Many of you may have wondered what that outrageous flower is that graces the front of this blog. Well, it is called Olena in Hawaiian, but you probably know it by its popular name, Turmeric. It is highly revered in both Hawaiian and Ayurvedic healing. The Hawaiians call Olena one of the 5 warriors, which are the herbs that go in and fight off infection or any dis-ease in the body (more on this later).

Biohacking, self testing

Personal Sleuthing for Better Health

Despite its edgy name, Biohacking can be performed by anyone. It is not a specialized task for genetic scientists, tech wizards or professional athletic trainers. Biohacking is simply getting to know yourself really well. And then applying what you've learned to change your behaviors, optimize your body and feel your best.

Feeling Sleepy?
Debunk Fatigue, Insomnia, & Depression

It’s time to wake- up!

happy lady eating in bed

Sleep disorders are a common ailment, so if you've been tossing and turning a lot at night it may comfort you, even if slightly, to know that you're not alone in your night-time despair. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 70 million adults suffer from chronic sleep problems in the United States and 40% of all American women have had a sleeping disorder at one point in their lives.