Having Trouble Conceiving? A hormone imbalance may be affecting your success.

Fertility is an issue occupying women for a goodly portion of their lives. Getting pregnant and not getting pregnant is an important part of our relationship and our lifestyles.

Although not a form of hormone replacement, birth control pills or oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), have multiple hormonal effects on the body.

  While hormone imbalance may be the underlying culprit of many of the complaints when using OCPs, many questions arise: 

Identify Food Sources

When it comes to your diet and nutrition, the following quick and easy food tips help to promote fertility. You are trying to get pregnant, you are probably doing the best that you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


Did you know that an undiagnosed thyroid problem can affect the ability to conceive?

A thyroid that functions properly is absolutely vital for both conception and having a healthy pregnancy.  Difficulties with fertility and getting pregnant are not uncommon.  

 Difficulties with fertility and getting pregnant are not uncommon. 

For some women, an undiagnosed thyroid problem can be the root of the inability to conceive.  A properly functioning thyroid is absolutely vital for conception and having a healthy pregnancy. 

Being aware of the effect of hormonal imbalance on your pregnancy is an important first step to avoid complications.

It's a miracle that women can even get pregnant considering the delicate harmony the body requires.

Untreated or improperly treated hypothyroidism can affect fertility in a number of ways.

If you are trying to get pregnant and have been unsuccessful, there is one essential thing you must do before you embark on costly or invasive fertility tests, or spend thousands of dollars for assisted reproduction: make sure your thyroid is functioning properly.