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Richard Shames MD, author of THYROID POWER and the best-selling book FEELING FAT, FUZZY, OR FRAZZLED?, offers personalized telephone coaching sessions focused on optimizing your 'Energy Triad' -- the thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive glands.

In your Personalized Coaching Session, Dr. Shames will help you...

  Assess your risks   Get properly tested/diagnosed by your doctor
  Know the pros/cons of your options   Find out which prescription drugs might be best for you
  Explore foods and supplements that help   Create an individualized wellness plan just for you

Dr. Shames is a Harvard and University of Pennsylvania-educated practicing physician, who has specialized for the last 20 years in optimal hormone balancing, and individualized thyroid solutions. His book, FEELING FAT, FUZZY, OR FRAZZLED? presents an endo-type approach to thyroid, adrenal, and sex gland balance. Order the book directly from Amazon.com now, or find out more online.

To Find out More About a Coaching Session, go to www.FeelingFFF.com now


Hormone Coaching Sessions to Balance Your Energy Glands with Dr. Richard Shames

Some of the ways Dr. Richard Shames can work with you include:

  • Discussing your risk factors for Energy Gland (thyroid, adrenal and sex glands) Imbalance
  • Offering advice regarding lab tests your local doctor should order for you to obtain a proper diagnosis or make your treatment more effective.
  • Understanding your lab tests, including interpretation of lab work
    already performed.
  • Reviewing the best standard and not-so-standard treatments that you may want to pursue
  • Exploring how your thyroid, adrenal glands and sex glands interact with each other -- and which tests and medicines may be needed to treat these additional problems and re-balance your energy gland system.
  • Discussing your options as far as prescription medications for balancing your thyroid, adrenal and reproductive glands-- finding your best dose, brand, or mix of medicines
  • Boosting the effectiveness of your medication with natural therapies and  alternative medicine
  • Understanding how to improve your underlying autoimmune condition
  • Exploring lifestyle and mind-body issues that contribute to or help balance thyroid, adrenal and reproductive glands and autoimmune disease
  • Coaching sessions will help you find the treatment that's right for your own particular endo-type.

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Why settle for this?

Why Settle?

When with Coaching...

When with Coaching

You Can Feel Your Best!

You Can Feel Your Best!

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