Why Do I Feel More Stressed Out During the Holidays?

Why do I feel more stressed out during the holidays?

 For some people, the holidays are the perfect time to reflect on the good things in life, but for others, the opposite can be true. The holidays can actually cause an increase in stress levels and depression. Although holiday blues or holiday depression are not clinical terms, "The term 'holiday blues' reflects a phenomenon that exists when people feel down at a supposedly joyous time of the year," explains Melissa Dubroff, MD, a clinical instructor in psychiatry at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Symptoms of the holiday blues include headaches, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, excessive drinking and overeating.
If the holidays stress you out or make you depressed, you are not alone. A poll conducted by NBC Dateline and Prevention Magazine found that 41 percent of the people surveyed rated the holiday season as very stressful. The holiday blues can be triggered by stress, fatigue, unrealistic expectations, over-commercialization, financial constraints, inability to be together with one's family and friends, pressure to be with one's family and friends, and the demands of shopping, parties, house guests and family reunions.
Luckily, there are many ways to avoid stress during the holidays. The National Mental Health Association recommends that people who are prone to stress keep expectations low, look to the future, divvy up their work load, and remember that it is ok to not feel happy all of the time. If you feel that you are beginning to feel the burden of holiday stress, the holidays are a great time to try out Biometics’ new stress management program. The new program includes the new formulation of DAILY HARMONY,CAL/MAG 100 and BIO NITE. This stress fighting program will help you to feel uplifted throughout the day and fall peacefully to sleep at night. Beat seasonal blues and try out the new stress management program today!

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