Spring Cleaning For the Home

Get yourself out of bed (you can do it!), clean your "house"—the body you live in—cleanse everything that keeps you stressed and toxic and take this list of 9 Toxins to Avoid in Personal Care Products with you into your bathroom. Consider throwing those products away!  They are endocrine disruptors keeping you in bed!

Sound good so far? 
Now you're getting it. Print "How to have a Safe Clean House" and take it with you around your home. Feel the stress and depression leave you with every step.
Spring is naturally a time of renewal, to move out the old and bring in the new.  All over the country people are opening up their windows and giving their homes a deep cleanse to prepare for the new season.  But what about our bodies?  Just as dust bunnies accumulate under the bed and grime builds up on the windows, the toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to daily will build up in our tissues over time.

Many of the chemicals we are exposed to are endocrine disruptors including xenoestrogens that exacerbate existing estrogen dominance.  We're not just talking about hormone replacement and birth control, although those can worsen the situation for many women.  Estrogen-like molecules can be found in pesticides, herbicides, plastic containers, fabric softeners, cosmetic products, new carpets or furniture plus meats and dairy products treated with hormones.  Furthermore, phytoestrogens or estrogenic compounds that come from plants, can be found in many places including soy and some other beans and legumes.

An accumulation of these xeno and phytoestrogens contributes to estrogen dominance in women, men and children and plays a significant role in a variety of conditions from PMS to precocious puberty, to breast and prostate cancer and many conditions in between. Though complete avoidance of these substances is virtually impossible in modern society, there are some actions we encourage you to take to reduce and mitigate the effects of these compounds.  Reducing exposure is certainly a good place to start.

Avoid pesticides by buying organic fruits and vegetables and washing produce thoroughly.

Use a good quality water filter.

Avoid using plastic containers and especially consuming food and beverage that has been heated in plastic.  This includes plastic water bottles that have likely been transported in hot temperatures or stored in a hot warehouse or vehicle.

Avoid using fabric softeners and air fresheners that contain phthalates.

Ensure that the moisturizers and cosmetics used do not include parabens or other toxic ingredients.


The average American spends greater than 5 times more of their income on housing than on healthcare; yet houses are replaceable and good health is invaluable. A "spring cleaning" of your own is yet another way you can positively influence your chosen road to optimal health and will provide a clearer picture of any underlying hormone imbalances.

Start by testing your hormones with our affordable, easy to use Advanced Plus Home test kit.

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