Neurotransmitter Collection and Shipping Information

Like any laboratory test, the proper collection of a specimen is vital to an accurate result. It is important for you  to clearly understand the instructions enclosed in each kit so you can ensure the best sample is submitted.  Use the information below to familiarize yourself with the proper self collect process.

Important Guidelines


  • Twelve hours prior to collecting your urine sample: Do not eat, drink alcohol or caffeine, exercise or take medications. You may drink water until bedtime.
  • Morning of collection: Do not eat or drink any liquids (up to 8 oz. of water is okay in the morning before your collection), avoid tobacco and exercise. Do not take any supplements until after sample collection.
  •  Menstruating women should not collect urine sample during their period.
  •  Your sample is time sensitive.   Plan to ship your sample on the same day you collect.
  •  If you can't ship it on the same day, your sample must be kept in a freezer until you can ship it on the next business day.
  •  If you collect on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, leave your sample in a freezer over the weekend and ship on Monday.
  •  Make sure you know where a UPS drop box or UPS store is located.
  • The kit box has a prepaid UPS shipping label on the bottom of the box. Your sample must reach the lab within 7 days of collection.

Collection Steps

  •     Collect a midstream specimen of urine in the collection cup.
  •     Use the pipette to transfer urine from the collection cup to the sample tube. Fill the tube to the “10 ml” mark, almost full. A small cotton ball is located in the sample tube to preserve the specimen. DO NOT remove this preservative…leave the preservative in the sample tube.
  •     Close tube tightly to ensure a good seal. Gently rock the tube back and forth for 3 to 4 seconds to mix urine with the preservative.
  •     Write your name, time and date on the sample label.
  •     Peel the back of the sample label and stick it on the sample tube.
  •     Follow “SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS” to ship your sample to the Lab.
  •     If you can’t ship the same day you collect, put the filled sample tube in a freezer and ship it the next business day.


Collection Time


  •     Only one morning urine collection is needed.
  •     Get up as normal and void your urine. The first void of the day is not collected.
  •     Collect between 1 to 4 hours after getting out of bed.
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