Five Great Ways To Be Allergy-Free

By Richard Shames, M.D.& Karilee  Shames, R.N., Ph.D.

As allergy season progresses, you may be wishing for more effective relief.  People with thyroid and other auto-immune problems generally have greater-than-average difficulty with their allergic symptoms. 

There are, however, some very useful natural remedies ideal for your particular needs.  These may be utilized in addition to, and often instead of, the harsher and more expensive chemical medicine.

Below is a sampling of successful maneuvers from twenty-five years of our thyroid and general medical practice.  Please consider this list a menu rather than a prescription.  You get to pick and choose what will create your own best program.


REVITALIZE YOUR VITAMINS  -  Make sure you are taking a hypo-allergenic multi-vitamin with chelated minerals.  Good daily doses of superb additional items are  500 mg of the B vitamin  pantothenic;  2000 mg of  ester-type vitamin C;  1200 mg of the bioflavenoid quercetin;  and four 0-0 size capsules of mullein.  An excellent proprietary item is the herb Perilla Seed from Metagenics.  Two pills daily lowers your allergy threshold, while two daily of Butterbur from Life Extension make an effective decongestant.

IMPROVE YOUR INDOOR AIR  -  Night time breathing is a surprising factor in daytime allergy symptoms. Have your windows closed from mid-night to noon to keep most of the pollen out.  Air conditioning is also a great help.  Do frequent laundry runs and vacuuming of your sleeping space.  Be ruthless with bedroom clutter, so as to eliminate dust catchers, such as throw rugs, extra pillows, books, papers, and junk.  Equally important:  always sleep near a hepa air filter.

EAT YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS  - Paying attention to your food sensities has a way of making the pollen allergies better.  You are likely to be overtly sensitive to whatever has disagreed with you in the past.  Moreover, you probably have a hidden  sensitivity to the food you crave most, be it bread, chocolate, corn chips, or dairy.  Eating a “sensitive” food less frequently  (perhaps only every other day or every third day) will augment your allergy relief.   For added benefit, try eating more natural whole food, and less artificial sweeteners.  Synthetic chemicals are like a metabolic monkey wrench for allergy sufferers.

PURSUE POSITIVE THINKING  -  How could this help?  Simple:  Our immune system over-reaction to the micro environment corresponds to our being overly “defensive “ in the social environment.  That connection has now been confirmed by the researchers.  Start doing whatever it will take for you to be less fearful or worried or anxious.  This can be quite a task, but well worth it in terms of an immune system much less hair trigger to pollen and dust.

This could be your most important remedy of all.  Fine tune your thyroid-adrenal-sex gland levels, and you may not need anything else.  Well-balanced hormones lead to a better balanced immune system.  Why not check these three glands with one inexpensive self-ordered home saliva test?  (available from www.canaryclub.org)   Sensitive  saliva testing may show a correctable imbalance, despite a good health regimen and/or normal blood tests.  You can re-adjust your levels, often with simple over-the-counter remedies, and your allergies will generally be quite improved.  (One of many information sources for non-prescription hormone balancers is our book, Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled?  Hudson/Penguin, 2005)

Here’s wishing you less sneezing, less dripping, and great lasting relief.

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