Obesity - Fighting Back!

Fighting Obesity

The word “obesity” comes from the Latin obesus from the verb obedere, “to eat away”.  

One glaring reason for non-success is that people are not fully aware of their hormone health and the role that hormones play in balancing healthy weight and metabolism.  

Out of the many causes of obesity, the four easiest to manage are:

1.    Unwise food choice
2.    Increased portion size
3.    Lack of sufficient exercise
4.    Tired Glands.



Look closely at number four on the list.  For many it may be their crucial factor, yet is all too often ignored by both health care consumers AND their practitioners.  Sluggish gland function causes a variety of hormone problems which frequently are at the root of other items on this list.

Moreover, hormone trouble by itself (thyroid, adrenal, digestive or reproductive hormones) can often be the hidden cause of weight problems.  In fact, undiagnosed or inadequately treated hormone imbalance is frequently the major, missing link when a weight loss plan fails.  

The good news is that correcting faulty hormones may be the quickest and surest way to win at weight loss.

Simply order our Weight Loss Home Test Kit. Once you find out which obesity-related hormones are out of balance, you will be in a much better position to make corrections that will greatly improve your chances of weight management success.  Measured in your ZRT Lab’s Weight Loss Panel are the following important tests:

insulin level *average blood sugar * tsh *-adrenal-reproductive hormones, and the metabolic hormone vitamin D.

Test results are easy to understand and fully explained color-coded print–outs of your results are sent back to you, with a discussion of your tendencies toward insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism, cortisol deficiency, or other hormonal reasons for having a more difficult time with weight.

 Body parts most affected by excess synthetic chemicals are:Healthy Carrots Doing Exercise

·    Adrenal glands, which help us in stressful situations

·    Insulin-producing tissue in the pancreas, which helps to control our blood sugar

·    Thyroid gland, which controls our body temperature, energy, and eventual body weight.  

Don’t put up with the frequently incorrect doctor assessment that “It’s all in your head,” or “You just need to eat less and exercise more.” Your weight problem may be tired glands. The ZRT Lab is CLIA certified to be more accurate than most any regular lab your doctor uses. Why not find out for sure.Metabolic conditions are a growing epidemic in this country and worldwide. Much of it is due to the accumulation of hormone disruptor pollution in our air, food, and water - all playing havoc with our gland functions and weight.

Now there is an easy inexpensive way to check your levels of these weight-related hormones, so you can take the next steps on your path to good health. Getting a proper diagnosis of these gland situations can save you years of time merely chasing symptoms, by simply addressing the root cause instead.


Best wishes for your weight loss success,

Richard L. Shames, MD
Author of Thyroid Power, Thyroid Mind Power, and
Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled?


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