How Hormones are Impacted By Skin and Body Care Products

How Hormones are Impacted by Skin and Body Care Products
By Victoria Robyn Leor

Studies have revealed over the years that the damage from chemical pollution extends much deeper into the body than the surface of the skin. Skin tells only part of the story and the greater truth of what is happening is revealed as one explores the minute functioning of the body on the biochemical level.

Looking through the microscope you would see the petro-chemical ingredient molecules masquerading as hormones and clogging up the places in the cell walls where real hormones are supposed to be. The cells then lack the guidance the hormones supply for them to function optimally and instead, malfunction to varying degrees. We are seeing the overt effects of this process in boys and men developing breasts and eight and nine year old girls beginning their menstruation. Many more women experience painful periods and extreme menopausal symptoms these days. The chemical screening agents in sunscreens, known to irritate the skin and proven to cause skin cancer, also create the hormone to cell communication breakdown and effect health on a deeper level.

A myriad of skin conditions from the nebulous catch all called ‘rapid aging’, to psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, skin sensitivity, illusive skin allergies often described as ‘dermatitis’, acne and dryness can be traced to the influence of these hormone blocking chemicals. It can be a root cause of any imbalance observed in the skin and, of course, the effect does not stop there. Really any body condition and chronic disease could possibly be traced back to this dynamic of hormone blocking by petro-chemical ‘hormone mimicking look a likes’.

I always wondered in the early days of my skincare practice back in the 80’s, why, when a client told me they only washed with water I said, “Great! that can be blessing.” In this world of many choices and the belief ‘if some is good more must be better’, it seemed strange that I always advocated using less rather than more: less product, less invasive procedures, less extreme skin treatments, less makeup.

I have come to understand that my intuition was guiding me, helping me navigate and guide my clients through the virtual sea of chemical pollution in the skin and body care products that had made their way into the market place. The era of the synthetic ingredients and petro-chemical additives was well underway by then. Those products and many others still available today, often seem to work but do so by masking and suppressing symptoms.

At the same time they do not address the deeper laying cause of what is creating the acne, dryness, rosacea or whatever condition exists. Many of these products are irritating to the skin and result in break-outs and allergic reactions.

What can we do about the chemical soup we live in?

In part, the solution is easy. Merely limit your exposure to the petro-chemicals. Become knowledgeable about products ingredients so you are able to avoid those containing harmful chemicals and choose only those that support hormonal balance and health. Information about ingredients including a handy chart listing the most commonly included harmful chemicals can be found in the sources below.

Besides skin care products, look at your hair care products, lotions, toothpaste, cleaning products, laundry products, foods, beverages, deodorants (personal and for the room), perfumes and food and water storage containers (use alternatives to plastic especially when freezing or storing something hot).

New cars and carpets and many building materials outgas petro-chemical fumes. Buying almost new and used cars, using chem-free, nontoxic construction materials and when necessary, utilizing air purifiers to clear environmental out-gassing all help to minimize exposures.

Unfortunately, in our current world, it is challenging to live a pollution free life. It is additionally important and very helpful to know and understand your own personal hormone profile. Monitor your body’s level of balance and hormonal health regularly through simple saliva testing andblood spot analysis.  This knowledge prepares you to make conscious and informed choices.

Anything you can do to lessen the chemical impact and maintain your body’s hormonal balance will be beneficial to your health and enhance your experience of life. Your skin will reward you with increased vibrancy and youthfulness. You will feel better too. Any place you begin in this process of discovery is the perfect starting point. Just begin.

www.zzskincare.com In addition to healthy skincare products there is a free chart available listing some of the more commonly used harmful petro-chemical ingredients. I recommend printing it out to take along when shopping.


Victoria Robyn Leor practices professionally as a skincare specialist, anti-aging consultant, and EMF safety coach. She is also a free lance writer who has published a variety of articles on different topics related to her practice. She may be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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