Identify Food Sources

When it comes to your diet and nutrition, the following quick and easy food tips help to promote fertility. You are trying to get pregnant, you are probably doing the best that you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 



Consider the origin of fruits, vegetables, meats, and other food items when purchasing from a supermarket.  One major question to ask: “is this food free from hormones and pesticides?”  Eat more lean meat (like poultry and fish) and less red meat.  Look for meat and dairy labels that indicate:

    * hormone-free
    * no hormones added
    * rBGH-free
    * rBST-free

A woman’s delicate hormone balance can be negatively impacted by consuming food that contains hormones or was treated with pesticides, resulting in fertility concerns.  Although it helps to “buy organic” when picking foods, note that organic foods grown outside of the fifty states may have lesser qualifications for being called “organic” than the United States.  The best thing to do?  If possible, buy local, organic produce – when it’s fresh from fields, trees, and gardens in your area.  Get healthy as you support the economy and American farmers.wheat.jpg

You can check your hormone balance with an accurate and easy home test-kit.  Once you have determined if there is an imbalance that may be related to fertility, you can take the next steps with your health practitioner.

Eat Whole Foods

Choose whole foods instead of processed foods.  Whole foods contain vital nutrients in their natural form.  Processing foods, which often lack nutritional value, can be filled with artificial sweeteners and colors; saturated fat, loads of sodium, and chemicals that your body can definitely do without.  Something to keep in mind: the vitamins most closely related to a healthy conception include vitamin a, vitamin e, vitamin c, b vitamins (various), and beta carotene.   

An example of whole food and processed food: freshly picked peas and a can of peas.  The peas that you find in your grocer’s vegetable crisper are bright green, firm, and delicious.  The canned peas that you find on the shelves are dark green, mushy, and somewhat tasteless.  Freshly cooked foods can lose nutrients, too.  To keep as many vitamins and minerals as possible when preparing vegetables, be careful not to over-boil or over-steam, which depletes them of their nutritional value.  

peas.jpgMake Healthier Choices

Cut out empty calories by choosing foods that have real nutritional value.  It can be as simple as replacing one food for another during the course of your day.  For example, choose a bran muffin over a doughnut; carrots over potato chips; a whole wheat tortilla over a white flour tortilla.  You can begin to purchase food for fertility the next time you shop for groceries,  Drink plenty of water and cut out both regular and diet soft drinks – neither is any good for you (although caffeine and alcohol in moderation are okay).  Strive to get plenty of sleep and regular exercise.


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