Grow Your Own Pharmaceuticals



That's right, you really can grow your own natural medicinals.

The drug companies have been extracting elements from plants for their ‘patent medicines’ for a long time now. As a result, within approximately two generations we, in the west, have become a culture that views plants as purely ornamental objects.
In most other cultures, plants not only supply groceries, but pharmacopeias, home improvement materials and even alcoholic beverages. We have become ignorant of the vast variety of plant uses, all the while still being quite dependent on them for our daily existence. They supply the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the balance of nature that keeps the planet’s climate in tact. They also source up to 50% of the worlds top drugs.

But you don’t have to be a scientist to understand the medical uses of the plants around you. And in fact up until a few short decades ago, it was the way every other culture on earth viewed plants. But science and reason want to sweep these views away as ‘old wives tales’ and mumbo jumbo, when in fact major drugs such as aspirin, morphine and penicillin, let us see that natural medicine is not that different from conventional medicine. I would venture to say that a large part of the world’s population uses plant-based remedies for their health care needs. They give us gentle ways to manage our everyday aliments and keep us in optimum health.

My own experience keeps broadening the more I read and experiment with different plants. As I live in a tropical Hawaiian culture I have been blessed to learn from native Hawaiians about their knowledge of plant healing, which includes if you have been following this blog, large amounts of hot peppers, ginger, turmeric/olena, and, of course, garlic. Recently, I read about a study that was done on ginger and how only 50 grams (about a handful) a day would relieve joint pain. So I started making a tea in the morning and eating the remains covered in honey as a snack all day. The results were miraculous! Of course I was cautioned in the article, that this was not a cure but a relief of pain. Well, works for me!


I also discovered Feverfew, a lovely plant in the chrysanthemum family, which relieves headaches, migraines, and arthritic pain. I recently purchase a plant, and plan to start using it. It is quite bitter, so I have to experiment, but like my Hawaiian kumu/teacher said, herbs are the warriors and reveal the “bitter truth”. You can’t send in a wimp to wipe out dis-ease. So, I have been more open to bitter, pungent, sour, and hot sensations. Bitter is also a known taste that assists the liver/gall bladder to create bile for its purifying job. Hot peppers/chilies, ginger, turmeric, garlic, all stimulate the whole system and increase blood supply to help the body heal.

Another herb I love is rosemary, and I read that it helps with memory. This remedy suggests you put 5 sprigs of rosemary in a bottle of good wine and let it sit for a month. Then drink a glass after dinner as a tonic. That is definitely on my list to try out.

So go ahead. Read a few books on herbal remedies and give then a try. Most are simple and easy to prepare, and, need I say, a whole lot less expensive than what the Dr. orders.

And, don’t forget the whole cosmetic beauty cornucopia that plants supply. Everything from fruit enzyme gentle exfoliates to body scrubs, and hydrating moisturizer.

You will be surprised at how much fun it is and delighted by the synchronicities the Plant Spirits love to bring to your awareness. Now, why was I attracted to that plant? Oh, because it heals that pesky thing that has been bothering me for too long.

Now is the time to find the root, leaf, stem or flower that will heal and revive your spirit. So get growing and feel free to contact me with your questions or discoveries.

the magic gardener,
Marissa Henderson
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Marissa was a landscape designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, when she started receiving telepathic messages from the Plant Spirits. The information received was regarding how to gather the healing properties of flowers. She was then called to Mt Shasta where she created the Mt. Shasta Essences of Light, made from the wildflowers that cover the mountain. Later she made the Archangel Essences. After an extended time in India where she did personal consultations and taught organic gardening, she returned to Kauai to create the Kauai Orchid Essences and Kauai Esoteric Essenes. Marissa is a Reiki Master and an ordained interfaith minister. She has also studied with Ram Tsu, an enlightened Master of Advaita/Taoism. She recently wrote the Flower Essence Practitioners' Manual, an on-line certification course. Her passion is to help others to experience a deeper connection to their inner selves by learning to communicate with the Plant Spirits. Through the Attunements Process these wise spirits have brought great joy, love, laughter, and compassion into her life. She has also written a children's book "Ask Althea", about a little girl's journey into the world of the plant spirits.
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