Conrad Larkin, Health Balance Coach

Understanding your ZRT Neuro Advanced Neurotransmitter Profile can be a daunting task unless you have a coach. 

Conrad Larkin, LCSW,  specializes in the interpretation of the ZRT Neuro Advanced Neurotransmitter Profile test reports.  He can make an informed set of suggestions to help in your overall health plan. 

Conrad has more than 30+ years of working primarily with mental health conditions of depression and anxiety in his clients.

"Helping clients to make changes in their environment, diet, exercise, goals, outlook on life, can make a qualitative difference in one's life,"  he says.  

With the availability of at-home diagnostic tests, there are more informed options available.

"Any data that can be collected to help form a better health plan is worthwhile.  I just wish I had access to these testing tools years ago," he says. 

Conrad began to see the emergence of hormone and neurotransmitter testing tools to help identify imbalances.  "I have been specializing in understanding the neurotransmitter test and how lifestyle changes can help improve health."

Conrad has been an LCSW since 1976, with a primary focus on depression and anxiety mood disorders.  He will soon be available for coaching.

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