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Nature is rewarding us this year—spring came one day earlier than usual. Celebrate nature's invitation to spring ahead this year!

Treat yourself to peace of mind. Address your health concerns with Canary Club's CardioMetabolic Profile. The leading cause of death facing every generation in the United States today is a continued rise in health problems associated with these factors: cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.

Get early detection of your current health risks.

What should I do? Cut out salt? Fewer carbs? More protein? Am I eating too much sugar? How about more fat in my diet? Keto or Atkins? How about no diet? Why can't I just eat what I want?!

Here is an easy way to find your answers smoothie cheers outside

Our affordable CardioMetabolic Profile takes a snapshot of your current baseline levels of these critical factors: blood fat, blood sugar levels and the extent of inflammation in the body by measuring your insulin, cholesterol, hemoglobin A1c, trigycerides, hsCRP and more. Testing may save your life!

You will know if you have symptoms of a disease or precursor levels signaling an increased risk for a degenerative disorder.  Now you can make an informed choice on what to do next. Your success can be achieved because you are in a position to start taking restorative measures that address the root cause. 

Step into the season with more intention on renewing focus on your health. Consider these tests as a way of taking a new approach to "Spring Cleaning" and TREAT yourself this year with new vigor for self-care and health!

Weight Management packageAdditional Testing to Consider:

Weight Management Profile + Cardio: Full cardio tests plus adrenal and sex hormones, TSH and vitamin D

Comprehensive Elements/Thyroid Test: Thyroid hormones, toxic heavy metals and essential nutrients..

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