NEW Neurotransmitter Dried Urine Home Test Kit (ZRT)

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Want to improve mood, motivation, or cravings?

The brain controls them all, and neurotransmitters control the brain. The good news is you can easily control neurotransmitters like Serotonin, Dopamine and Epinephrine with inexpensive, over-the-counter nutrients.   

That's right! Simple vitamin-store items like GABA, tryptophan or theanine can cool down an anxious set of neurotransmitters. On the other hand, if your neurotransmitters are sluggish or depressed, you can boost them up with glutamine, tyrosine or vitamin B6. The real trick is to know if your neurotransmitters are the culprit - which ones may be too high or too low.

Consider testing if you are experiencing symptoms such as:

  • depression
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • low sex drive
  • poor memory
  • addictive behaviors
  • OCD
  • severe PMS/PMDD
  • anxiety
Like hormones, neurotransmitters require a delicate balance to keep the body functioning at a peak level. When these levels become irregular, the brain gets over- or under-stimulated, resulting in neurological and psychological symptoms.

Test your brain chemistry levels with our ZRT self-ordered home test kit.

Results are drawn from dried urine, which makes it much easier for many people and also allows for international shipping. Your results come to you graphed and color-coded, while the meaning of each score is explained in plain English. You will also receive suggestions for how an abnormal level can be corrected. See a sample report here.
This is truly a breakthrough for the health consumer! And as always, Canary Club offers the lowest on-line price available.
86% of Americans have suboptimal neurotransmitter levels. Odds are that includes you. Order now to see if an imbalance may be an underlying cause of physical, mental and/or emotional issues you are facing. These at home neurotransmitter tests measure for serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, histamine, GABA and more.

ZRT Lab Product Name: 

8 NeuroTransmitters - GABA, Glutamate, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, 5-HT (Serotonin), PEA (phenethylamine),Creatinine
Canary Club Member Price: $199.00
10 NTs - all the above plus Glycine and Histamine
Good for those experiencing migraines, insomnia, OCD, low libido
Canary Club Member Price: $249.00
15 NTs - all the above plus 5 metabolites - DOPAC,HVA,HIAA,NMN,VMA
Best for overall functional assessment - how enzymes are behaving and interacting
Canary Club Member Price: $299.00
Recommended Hormone Add-ons
For a more complete assessment of anxiety, depression, menstrual cycle disorders, low libido and appetite control

     Saliva Hormones add-on
    Measures overall levels of sex and adrenal hormones
    Estradiol (Estrogen), Prostaglandins, Testosterone, DHEA-S, Cortisol

Canary Club Member Price-$99.00

And if stress is a factor, you may want to include one of the following:

     Diurnal Cortisol 4X add-on
stress  - $119.00

     Diurnal Cortisol 4X & Melatonin (Mx4) add-on - $174.00
     stress plus chronic sleep issues - 

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