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Comprehensive Elements

Measures 5 of the most common toxic heavy metals, as well as levels of 6 essential nutritional elements that can also be hazardous in high quantities.
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Comprehensive Elements +Thyroid + Iodine

Thyroid testing plus Elements testing. Allows your practitioner to see if you have too little or too much iodine and other nutrients essential for thyroid health. Also tests for overexposure to mercury, bromine, arsenic and cadmium- any of which can affect the thyroid.
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Elements Profile Blood Spot

Measures the toxic heavy metals cadmium, lead, mercury and selenium, as well as essential nutrients zinc, copper and magnesium. This test does NOT include: iodine, bromine, arsenic or creatinine. Blood spot only.

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Elements Profile Dried Urine

Measures the essential nutrients iodine, selenium and creatinine, plus the toxic heavy metals arsenic, cadmium, bromine and mercury. This test does NOT include: zinc, copper, magnesium or lead. Dried urine only (no blood spot).
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