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estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Test yourself. Get balanced. Feel good.

De-mystify your adrenal and sex hormones: cortisol, DHEA,

Hormones -

ZRT Laboratory Hormone Trio Tests only Estadiol (E2), Progesterone (Pg), and Testosterone (T). Good for a simple low cost re-tes.. Product #: HORMONETRIO Regular price: $99.00 $99.00

Hormone Trio

This test zeroes in on Estadiol (E2), Progesterone (Pg), and Testosterone (T). It is good for a simple, low cost, re-testing of these reproductive hormones.

In blood spot OR saliva- your choice!

The lab will email you when your results are ready, generally 3-5 business days after samples are received by the lab.  

  • You will receive information on how to access your results on-line. 
  • Once you have your results, read our Interpreting Results article.
  • Consider consulting with a practitioner for next steps.

Find out what you need to know and start your path towards recovery today.

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Estradiol (E2) Yes
Progesterone Yes
Testosterone Yes
Sample Type
Saliva Yes (choice)
Blood Spot Yes (choice)