Acupuncture for Menopause Can Help

acupuncture pointsHello, this is Licensed Acupuncturist Georjana Shames and today I’d love talk menopause with you.

Great news! Acupuncture can help you ease into the menopause and reduce many of the uncomfortable symptoms woman often experience around the ages of 45-55. If you would like to avoid hormone replacement therapy or if you are already on hormone replacement therapy but still experiencing symptoms, the gentle 5,000-year-old techniques of Acupuncture can really help.

Acupuncture can reduce or eliminate hot flashes and night sweats, and also bring better sleep, more intimate moisture and pleasure, and improved overall mood. In other words, you do not have to suffer through menopause!

I’ve seen it happen time and time again in my practice: a woman who had been suffering from severe symptoms for years had near-complete relief after just a few sessions.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical tradition using needles as thin as a strand of human hair and placing them just below the skin to stimulate pressure points. We have holistic approaches and often recommend herbs, exercises, and meditation as well. In Acupuncture therapy, the endocrine or hormonal system is closely tied to the internal balance of the Yin energy and the Yang energy. You can imagine that the Yang is like gasoline that fuels a car and the Yin is the coolant for the car’s engine. Without the coolant, the engine overheats and begins to burn out. The same is true if there is a sharp decrease of Yin energy in menopause. Lack of cooling Yin causes hot flashes, night sweats, and irritability.

What we do as Acupuncturists is nourish the cooling, moistening Yin energy with specific points and herbs, thus making sure the Yin and Yang are more equal within the body. This will restore your essential internal balance.
The fantastic news is, without all the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause you’ll be free to enjoy a phase of life marked by extreme creativity and inspiration, passion and professional accomplishment. You can have a much easier time. I’m confident I can help you, naturally.

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