How to Live Life with Vitality and Virility

Are You Prepared to Live a Long Life in Good Health, and with Vitality and Virility?


The facts are in—we are living longer.  Scientists are beginning to report that age "90 is the New 50." 

Here we offer you information highly relevant to our times; information that everyone frequently hears about—yet needs some encouragement to actually implement into our daily activities. 

You and I live in a time where we can live decades longer than our predecessors.  Growing older, and living longer, gives us options prior generations never had.  And it requires us to continue to educate ourselves on "how to live."

Knowing that you always have a choice is the key to a vital and healthy future.  One can make the decision to live each day filled with vitality and virility.  Living with daily mindfulness is a primary way to get a sense that your life has meaning.  

Science has proven that 10% of longevity is our genetics - what we inherit, while 90% is our lifestyle.  

Epigenetics, for example, is an exciting new science exploring how food and supplement choices actually modulate our genetic expression. What a concept – we can actually control our own DNA to increase the production of health-sustaining proteins, antioxidants, and inflammatory modulators.


We are the first generation to live with so many options making us all pioneers and explorers in how long life should be lived.  It may come down to a few simple truths — perhaps having a flexible attitude and open mind is as important and critical to long life as the food you eat.  We can choose to stand for the experience of a rich emotionally filled day, feeling a sense of purpose and engagement, and the intention to live a life that is full, vital and vibrant.

Here we consider the topics that help us to shape and define our future decades together.  

Menopause: The way we hold women in our hearts is changing.  Knowing that women are now living 40 or more years post-menopausal begs for a redefinition of womanhood.  Clearly, our old notions of womanhood no longer represent us.

Andropause: Talking honestly about men and their issues, the fact is that men suffer a significant decline shortly after age 50, caused mainly by hormones and nutrition and an inability to stay engaged as career takes less of a role.

Nutrition:  It is quickly rising to the top of the list as a profound influence on the cause of cancers, the origin of many modern diseases, the root cause of many dementia cases.   Newly emerging insights in economics see "healthy aging and preventative care adds wealth to a nation"  and is not a drain on the public treasury.  

Your actions today can influence having a life with meaning and purpose, as you define it.  Now, let's begin exploring together. 


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