Insurance Information

Because these tests are self ordered, The Canary Club and the labs do not submit for insurance reimbursement.

Your insurance may reimburse you directly. See below for the labs policy on insurance reimbursement.


Insurance Reimbursement

When you receive the discounted rate, you handle your own insurance claim. Upon receipt of payment in full, the laboratory will provide you with an insurance receipt. You may submit this receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement (in accordance with your health plan benefit coverage).

You are directly responsible to ZRT Laboratory for payment. The Lab does not accept responsibility for disputed, denied or unpaid insurance claims.

The following link will take you to the document on the ZRT Laboratory website containing the list of CPT Codes for all the tests we do: ZRT Laboratory: CPT Code

ZRT iand Labrix are CLIA certified labs that provides the service of collecting aesnd analyzing specimen samples. You will be submitting health information and ordering tests for informational purposes only. You are responsible for taking the test to your primary care physician for any additional interpretation and neither ZRT, Labrix nor Canary Club, are diagnosing or treating any condition through your use of this service.

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The Canary Club is an educational advisory group with a team of medical advisors headed by Richard Shames, M.D.