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What is a Magic Garden? What does it look like? How do you envision it? Is it all veggies or are there lots of flowers and herbs, too? What are your favorites? Can you see them all in radiant full bloom? Are they ripe and lush overflowing with goodness? What about all the butterflies and the bees buzzing around the flowers, doing their job of pollinating? Can you see and hear them? Is your heart beating a little faster now in anticipation of all that goodness? Is your mouth watering? It’s not only a treat for the taste buds but the visual appreciation for all that beauty, the smells, and the feel of it all that is overwhelmingly satisfying. And you created it!

Feel the love that the plants are giving back to you for all the love you gave to them during the growing season. See all the ripe tomatoes and cucumbers, and loads of lettuce and greens galore. Don’t forget the onions, scallions, chives, and garlic, yum. Then there are the beets and carrots, ready for pickling. Don’t you just love all the cosmos and marigolds, flowering among the herbs like basil, dill, oregano, and mint? And the cilantro; ah there is noting like the smell of fresh cilantro from the garden. No Mexican meal is complete without it. Well neither is an Indian or Thai for that matter.

There now, you’re in the right frame of mind. You’re already cooking and eating fresh from your very own garden. You have achieved a vibrational set point that matches the vibration of what you want to create. In other words you’re visualization has brought you into vibrational alignment or harmony with your garden to be.

But how am I going to do this? I hear you thinking. Remember, this is a co-creative effort. It is to your benefit to have all this wonderful organic food to go pick out of your garden, but think about the plants. It is also to their benefit to get you to cultivate them so that they can fulfill their life cycles, reproduce create seeds and keep creating better, even more luscious varieties for you.

All you have to do is go out to your garden space and sit quietly. Then you ask the Plant Spirits, sometimes referred to as Devas, if they will lend their assistance to your gardening. You have to ask because they can not help you if you don’t. It is a cosmic law. So don’t be afraid, just try it and see what happens. Think of it as an experiment. Often what happens is after you have asked you may not receive any kind of answer in a linear language like the one you speak. But pay attention to any pictures you see in your ‘minds eye’ or any flashes of insights you might receive, for this is how they communicate. You might just ‘get’ to do something and wonder now where did that idea come from. Well guess who is working with you?

In this process you are reviving your inner senses of imagination, intuition, gut feelings, hunches, and flashes of insights. All those things you were told not to pay attention to as a child as in ‘Oh that is just your imagination.’ Well, that’s right, it is your imagination, and it’s an inner sense trying to tell you something. Why not listen to it and see what happens. You just might be surprised.

For example, while I was writing this I ‘got’ that I would be better off putting my attention on creating another circular bed for flowers and herbs around my existing circular veggie garden rather than trying to create another garden along the straight fence that separates the property from the neighbors. As tempting as fences are…so many lovely things like to climb….the immediate vision I ‘got’ of flowers all in bloom around the veggie garden was tremendously expansive. I ‘got’ to start placing all my potted herbs and flowers plants about 3 feet around the outside of my existing circle garden as a beginning.

This made so much sense since I love the energy of a circular garden and the fence is visually toward the back of the house and I was having a hard time making it work. So I went right out and placed all my potted plants about 3 feet from the outer perimeter of the veggie garden. It was such a good feeling to envision how it would look all planted and with everything in bloom. I was ecstatic and I knew I was in total vibrational alignment with what was to come.

Then…..my left brain took over and said, “Well, you know you are going to have to borrow a roto-tiller and get help to dig those beds, don’t you?” I let out a big sigh and felt like a deflated balloon. Who knew how long that would take? I stared to lament my beautiful garden when I ‘got’ another picture. I clearly saw newspapers spread out on the ground, shaping the new circular beds. The papers were topped with chicken fence and the potted plants were sitting on top of the fence to hold it down.

Wow! Now that was something I could do myself and would not be too labor intensive. The grass under the newspapers would breakdown creating nice soil. The chicken fence would keep the wild chickens from scratching and making a total mess out of it. The potted plants would anchor it down and hold it in place until it was time to plant them. Meanwhile, I could start all my sunflowers and zinnias and other flowers and herbs in pots and by the time they are ready to plant they will have a nice root system going which will make transplanting them a breeze.

Voila! Magic Gardening at its best!

Visualizing what you want and asking the Plant Spirits for help. The Plant Spirits love you and couldn’t be happier that you want to create a garden. Why wouldn’t they want to help you? Just remember, whenever you come across a challenging or resistant thought like “How am I going to do that?’, it’s your left brain talking. Ignore it. Have faith and trust. Keep visualizing what you want and keep asking for help. Pretty soon you will be on to some great inspiration and you will feel elated! Rest assured they are there in spirit just waiting to be asked how, what, where, when or any other thing you might want to know. They really are a wealth of information once you learn to trust your inner senses as to how they are communicating with you.

So go for it! Dream big; Visualize; Ask; Allow; and watch how fast and fun it happens!

If you want to know more and/or be attuned to the Plant Spirits, I offer free 20 minute phone sessions. Just email me to set up a time.

Much love and happy gardening,
From the magic gardener,

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marissa henderson
Marissa was a landscape designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, when she started receiving telepathic messages from the Plant Spirits. The information received was regarding how to gather the healing properties of flowers. She was then called to Mt Shasta where she created the Mt. Shasta Essences of Light, made from the wildflowers that cover the mountain. Later she made the Archangel Essences. After an extended time in India where she did personal consultations and taught organic gardening, she returned to Kauai to create the Kauai Orchid Essences and Kauai Esoteric Essenes. Marissa is a Reiki Master and an ordained interfaith minister. She has also studied with Ram Tsu, an enlightenedd Master of Advaita/Taoism. She recently wrote the Flower Essense Practitioners' Manual, an on-line certification course. Her passion is to help others to experience a deeper connection to their inner selves by learning to communicate with the Plant Spirits. Through the Attunements Process these wise spirits have brought great joy, love, laughter, and compassion into her life. She has also written a children's book "Ask Althea", about a little girl's journey into the world of the plant spirits.
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Marissa Henderson

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