On Edge: Anger, Anxiety, Panic and Rage



hormone levelsA thyroid imbalance can have you feeling like a ticking bomb, ready to blow at any moment.  Your family, friends, or coworkers may have noticed your increasing irritability and are concerned about your health and well-being.  You may feel out-of-control, worried that you are hurting your spouse and children with episodes of rage. 


As you probably know, if left unaddressed, such feelings and attitudes are likely to be passed along from parent to child.  It certainly is no surprise that children from troubled backgrounds have a more difficult time in life, as compared to their less-stressed counterparts.  To stop a potentially harmful cycle (involving anger, anxiety, panic and rage) from causing lasting damage to your loved ones, commit to get to the root of your feelings, striving to find peace and balance in your life.  This is a good time to test your hormone levels to determine if a thyroid imbalance is the cause of your symptoms.  Empowered with information, you can discuss your options with a health care practitioner.


Making Changes

hormone levelsHappily, with hard work and enough time, each of us can learn to behave in new and better ways, greatly increasing the state of our health and the quality of our life – not to mention the myriad benefits it offers to close family members. It is within our power to become who we desire to be, in spite of genetic predisposition and the examples from childhood.  If you grew up with a dysfunctional home life, don’t despair.  By taking very good care of ourselves, it is possible to overcome.  Perhaps a succession of family members has suffered with hormone imbalance – but by testing to determine your levels, there is hope for a brighter future.


Stress Management

Take a moment to think about your life.  What are the main causes of stress?  Can the stress be minimized in any way?  You may need to get creative to diffuse some of the stressors that have been plaguing you for years.  Most of us dislike excessive stress, but there are some individuals who appear to thrive on it.  Perhaps they believe that they work best when “under pressure.”  Although it may seem productive in the short term, there is an inevitable crash of the adrenal hormones, leaving the individual utterly burned out.  It can be challenging, but the solution is to understand stress and its causes, avoiding situations that are excessively – and dangerously – stressful.


Jennifer Cebulak

Research Editor, "Thyroid Mind Power, The Book"


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