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Difficulties with fertility and getting pregnant are not uncommon.  Did you know that an undiagnosed thyroid problem can affect the ability to conceive? A thyroid that functions properly is absolutely vital for both conception and having a healthy pregnancy.

Columbia University Medical Center has noted the following regarding fertility and pregnancy: “overactive or underactive thyroid function is more common in women and can occur during pregnancy, after pregnancy (often resulting in post partum depression), or may be the cause of infertility, fetal abnormalities, stillbirth and premature labor.”  

Millions of American women suffer from an under functioning thyroid (a condition known as hypothyroidism).  A thorough thyroid evaluation is an important first step in identifying possible causes of infertility.  Should you get your thyroid checked?  The Canary Club Comprehensive Iodine Panel is easy, affordable home testing and is recommended for any woman trying to get pregnant if she:

•    has an irregular menstrual cycle
•    has had more than two miscarriages
•    has a family history of thyroid problems
•    has not been able to conceive for more than six months

Once you have your results to review with your practitioner you can be examined for signs of hypothyroidism, such as:

•    puffiness in the eyes
•    a slow Achilles reflex
•    an englarged neck (goiter)
•    hair loss on outer edge of eyebrows
•    changes in the texture of skin and hair

Left untreated, hypothyroidism can affect fertility by preventing an egg from being released (known as anovulation).  It can also cause a shortened luteal phase, which is the time from ovulation to menstruation, causing an egg to fail to implant securely and be flushed from the body (a very early miscarriage).  

Hypothyroidism can cause hormonal imbalances that negatively affect reproduction, such as: progesterone deficiency, decreased sex hormone biding globulin, and estrogen dominance. You may also want to test your reproductive hormones at the same time with our Advanced Saliva Profile or your FSH levels.
Ideally, the thyroid should be checked before getting pregnant.  Done early and often, thyroid testing will help the doctor make any adjustments needed to encourage conception and to sustain a healthy pregnancy.

Order our comprehensive, easy to use at home Fertility test kit... to be sure.

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