Regardless of Your Age : You Can Feel Sexy, Vibrant, and Alive


men-and-their-hormones-rosie-brown.jpgWhat if I told you that you can feel sexy, vibrant, and alive, no matter your age, no matter if man or woman? Would you believe me? Yes! You absolutely can!

 I will be forever grateful to a male reader who several years ago wrote to me on my blog, advising me to take a look at the hormone test kits on www.canaryclub.org.  He told me he ordered a kit for himself and one for his wife. Upon receiving their results, they consulted a practitioner who understood natural hormone balancing. They brought all their hormones back into balance – not just the sex hormones. Today they are living the dream of vibrant health.  

Well, I wanted that! I thought I had hit the mountain’s crest the year before when I learned about progesterone cream. I started putting that missing hormone back into my body, and wow! What an incredible change! I thought I had discovered the silver bullet for women’s hormone balancing. But…there was this man who piqued my interest. I immediately went to the web site and ordered the complete women’s hormone kit and soon tested my own sex, thyroid, & adrenal hormones, plus my Vitamin D level.

Guess what? My test results came back clearly demonstrating I had a problem with my thyroid. I was totally shocked because I always had had an annual physical, and my TSH (the only thyroid test that most physicians order) was always “within normal limits.” The problem was I had never had my Free T3, Free T4, or TPO checked. Not only were my Free T3 and Free T4 out of range, I had an elevated TPO. I didn’t even know what a “TPO” was back then. I soon learned that TPO was an indicator demonstrating that my body was sending out antibodies against my thyroid gland - as if it were a foreign invader. I would never even have known…had it not been for that man and the Canary Club.

Now then, I went back to the books. Let’s see, what are the symptoms of low thyroid? As I studied the list, I circled the ones I was experiencing… you know, the ones that you simply learn to live with/ignore because it is a “natural” part of getting older? So are aging eyes, but we have no problem scheduling an annual eye exam to adjust the lenses in our glasses. Hormone balancing is no different!

How many of the symptoms on this partial list can you circle? Fatigue, lethargy, dry skin, dry eyes, brittle nails, hair loss, high cholesterol, muscle weakness, repeat infections, adult acne, constipation, nervousness/anxiety, panic attacks, depression, intolerance to cold, insomnia, heart palpitations, headaches, menstrual disturbances, PMS, irregular menses, ovarian cysts, infertility, decreased sex drive, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, memory impairment, weight gain, abnormal blood pressure, or noticibly cool skin?

Signs and symptoms such as these no longer need rob us of our life. If you can relate to symptoms on the list like I did, know that hormone imbalance can be remedied in a natural way. Yes, you absolutely can feel sexy, vibrant and alive, no matter your age. I will be forever grateful to that male reader, to the Canary Club, and to Drs. Karilee and Richard Shames for their thyroid awareness publications

Test your hormones today!



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The Canary Club is an educational advisory group with a team of medical advisors headed by Richard Shames, M.D.