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Is Your Thyroid Making You Sick,
Fatigued, Sluggish and Gaining Weight?

Maybe It’s Your Thyroid

Do you suffer from low energy levels? Weight gain? Dry skin? Constipation? Insomnia?

Thyroid Making You Feel Sluggish

It turns out that the cause of virtually all low thyroid is not so much a faulty thyroid gland, as it is an over-zealous immune system. As strange as it might seem, common low thyroid is a mild immune system illness in which the immune system wrongly attacks the innocent thyroid gland.

The problem often is that you don’t know what’s going on and why your body is changing. This is true for men and women.

They Wonder:

Why am I gaining weight even though my lifestyle is still the same?

Why am I tired all the time?

Why can’t I think straight?

Why am I so cranky and easily upset?

Why is it so hard to get a good nights sleep?

A quick overview of what a thyroid is and a short quiz will tell you whether you want to have your thyroid tested.


What is a Thyroid?

Thyroid Gland

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located inside the front part of the neck.

It’s about the size of an egg and is responsible for how your body creates energy, and so much more.

According to Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames, an estimated 10 million Americans have a thyroid problem, but the majority are not yet aware of it.

With over 30 years experience, Harvard-trained physician Richard Shames, MD, and his wife and co-author, holistic health expert Karilee Shames, PhD, RN have treated thousands with thyroid disorders.

According to Drs. Shames, the high stress of daily life may be as big a factor in thyroid disease as it is in heart disease. Anxiety and depression are known to have harmful effects on immune balance.

Keep in mind that what is disruptive to the immune system now, may be disruptive to a thyroid gland later.

Various non-chemical factors might be combining with everyday chemicals around us to cause our immune systems to make antibodies against our own thyroid glands.If you have a family history of low thyroid, diabetes, or other rheumatic/autoimmune illness, then almost any serious physical or mental stress might trigger the primed immune system into mischievous action against the thyroid, one of its favorite body targets.

When it’s working correctly, the thyroid gland is like the master of your metabolism. Healthy metabolic control means that whatever goes into your body is being processed with efficient speed.

When your thyroid doesn't function at its best, it can affect every aspect of your health, and in particular, weight, depression and energy levels.

Undiagnosed thyroid problems
that go untreated
can cause major health issues…

Why is Thyroid Diagnosis So Often Missed?

In the book, "Thyroid Mind Power" Dr. Shames explains that first, standard lab tests are unable to identify the millions of borderline low thyroid sufferers and second, that inadequate testing often results in inaccurate diagnosis.

Thyroid tests are designed to show a positive result for a thyroid abnormality. They will not show a positive result for any other illness, so an abnormal result can be trusted. The problem, however, is with the normal results.

The standard thyroid tests used today are not sensitive enough to identify mild thyroid failure. You can be uncomfortably low in thyroid and still show "normal" in tests. Individuals differ in what is "normal" for them.

It is also true that the problem can be with the test interpretation. When standard blood tests are read, the range defined as "normal" for thyroid is so wide that it includes a general population, disregarding the unique metabolic needs of each person.

As one example, people think their sluggishness or low energy is simply a lack of sleep or exercise. While that may partly be true, they are generally not aware that these common symptoms could be medically significant. At the same time, people with a long list of these symptoms are often dismissed as hypochondriacs.

Resulting problems can include obesity, heart disease, depression, Purchase Your Combo Kit to Test Your Thyroid Hormonesanxiety, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, infertility, and more. It's important to identify what’s going on with your body before it gets worse. Controlling stress and the high stress hormone, cortisol, will improve thyroid function as will eliminating sugar and high glycemic foods from the diet.

You can determine if you have a thyroid imbalance by understanding some of the most common symptoms. Remember, you do not have to have all the symptoms to be out of balance.

Think of a three legged stool. If one leg is unstable, then the entire stool is unstable. Thyroid problems create instability in your system.


For starters, here are some of the most common signs that indicate you may have a thyroid imbalance.

15 Common Symptoms
of Hypothyroidism
(an underactive thyroid)

  1. Fatigue, exhaustion
  2. Depression
  3. Difficulty concentrating
  4. Unexplained or excessive weight gain
  5. Feeling cold, especially in the extremities
  6. Constipation
  7. Muscle cramps
  8. Nails that split, crack or peel
  9. Excessively dry or thinning hair
  10. Decreased stamina for exercise
  11. Dry skin, dry mouth, dry eyes
  12. Severe PMS or menopause
  13. Memory loss
  14. Decreased libido
  15. Abnormal menstrual cycle

If you said yes to some or all of the above, you may have a thyroid imbalance.

A thyroid condition occurs when your thyroid produces too many or too few hormones. These hormones help oxygen get into cells, and make your thyroid the master gland of metabolism.

15 Common Symptoms
of Hyperthyroidism
(An overactive thyroid)

(Symptoms and their severity depend on duration and extent of thyroid hormone excess, and the age of the patient)

1. Nervousness and irritability
2. Palpitations and tachycardia
3. Heat intolerance or increased sweating
4. Tremor
5. Weight loss or gain
6. Increase in appetite
7. Frequent bowel movements or diarrhea
8. Lower leg swelling
9. Sudden paralysis
10. Shortness of breath with exertion
11. Fatigue and muscle weakness
12. Impaired fertility
13. Sleep disturbances (including insomnia)
14. Exophthalmos, or forward protrusion of the eyeball
15. Photophobia, or light sensitivity or eye irritation with excess tears

Have Questions?

"Could I have an underactive thryoid?"

"How bad is my thyroid imbalance?"

"Could my thyroid problem be making another illness worse?"

"I recognize a lot of these symptoms; what should I do next?"

Get Answers!

Assess Your Thyroid Imbalance from Home

You can quickly assess whether your thyroid is under or over active, or if you might have other glandular issues.  With increasing numbers of people lacking health insurance, and skyrocketing health care costs, the Canary Club offers home testing kits that are easy to use, save you time and money, and provide the most accurate results.

Our unique blood spot testing can help uncover the problem and help get you started on the path to recovery.

The Canary Club testing has helped thousands of men and women discover thyroid, adrenal, or reproductive imbalance with their saliva and blood-spot home testing kits.

Sara P. from Tucson says this after getting her thyroid tested from the Canary Club.

“I get better every week”

“For over 15 years I had been feeling worse and worse. Doctors said it was in my head.

I found your site and got tested and am now on supplements that have me feeling almost like my old self. I get better every week.

Thank you so much!"


Wendy from Ohio Says this:

"Why I love the Canary Club"

“I love the Canary Club because it empowers women & men with vital information about hormone imbalances. Canary Club also provides people with affordable hormone testing kits to help regain their health. Canary Club is a blessing to so many. I pray it will continue its good work and I will share the site with others in need.”


Pat Wyman from Santa Rosa, CA says this about her results from the Canary Club testing:

"I've had a long standing thyroid problem and my doctors were unable to treat it properly until I had the Combo Kit test done through the Canary Club. Their tests are so state-of-the-art and sensitive, I was finally diagnosed and treated successfully. Getting the right testing done is so important, and the Canary Club results helped me regain my energy and lose the weight I'd gained from an underactive thyroid. I am deeply grateful to the Canary Club and am delighted to share this very helpful site.


Now what?

Joyful Living is Possible

Canary Club Get your Thyroid Tested.Order your easy-to-use Advanced Plus Hormone Profile

We have learned that this condition, like other autoimmune diseases, might be cured if we can find and remove the “trigger” that upset the immune system’s regulating cells. Common triggers are delayed food allergies or chronic infections. For any number of reasons some people do not convert their T4 to T3, and as a result are low on thyroid. The lack of conversion can be due to a number of factors including: aging, stress, prolonged illness, toxic metal exposures, other hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and medications.

Always do lab testing before starting any “prescription” re-balancing medicine.

The Canary Club is an educational advisory group with a team of medical advisors headed by Dr. Richard Shames, M.D.

Visit our Health Care Practitioner resource guide for more info.

For over a decade, the Canary Club has been a major voice in the growing social awareness movement grappling to understand hormone levels and their impact on one's health.  We are here to educate, support and empower people, in creating a Hormone Healthy Lifestlyle.

Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any questions or comments. We are here for you!

Lynn Larkin, Founder


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The Canary Club is an educational advisory group with a team of medical advisors headed by Richard Shames, M.D.