Testing and monitoring your health from your own home is now a widely accepted practice. Home testing saves you a trip to a doctor or test facility and gives you the flexibility to collect multiple samples over a 24-hour period.

Home hormone testing is rapidly being adopted by physicians, hospitals, and health providers to cut down costs and take advantage of emerging technologies in laboratory efficiency. These tests are readily available to the public. You can order them directly as you need, or as recommended by your health care provider.

Saliva Hormone Test Kit

Detecting Hormone Imbalance with Hormone Level Home Testing

Here are some reasons to order a Hormone Self-Test:

  • You are feeling not quite right, or out of sorts, or not entirely yourself might be symptoms of a hormone imbalance or dysfunction even though you are watching your diet, sleep, exercise, and getting good results from regular medical check-ups.

  • You know of pre-existing risk factors and want to test their impact on your body. Risk factors may include high blood pressure, elevated glucose, smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, hereditary concerns, and elevated triglycerides.

  • You have recently recovered from a condition that requires periodic testing and evaluation, such as certain congenital, cancer, glandular or organ conditions.

  • You know that you have been exposed to environmentally toxic substances or hormone-mimicking substances, and would like an assessment of your hormone levels, which could be affected.

A hormone self-test in the privacy of your own home is an easy way to get peace of mind. You can put yourself on a course towards good health—often naturally and without drugs.

Consider Hormone Level Home Self-Tests Before and During a Treatment Program

  • Establish a baseline before entering into a program of hormone supplementation.

  • Confirm that hormone supplementation is working.

  • Help confirm a medical diagnosis that may be hormone-related.

What Are Home Hormone Tests?

Home Hormone Self-Tests are convenient: order online, collect samples at home, send to the lab by mail, and get the results sent to you directly by email. You can take these results to the health practitioners of your choice to discuss and develop a personal health program that makes sense based on your results.

As laboratory technology has advanced, determining hormone levels with home hormone testing has become more available, offering a larger variety of testing options. They are as accurate as the lab tests you have when you visit a "lab draw" facility, hospital, or at your doctor's office, and additionally has the benefit of saving you time and money. 

Gone are the days when every test required drawing large vials of blood serum from your arm. Depending on the test, you easily collect your own sample from your saliva, urine, or a tiny blood-spot from your finger.

Another advantage of home hormone testing is it makes it easier to take samples at specific times (such as in the early morning) or multiple times throughout the day.

Why Are COMPREHENSIVE Hormone Test Profiles Beneficial?Hormone Testing of Thyroid, Adrenal and Reproductive Glands

Canary Club offers comprehensive hormone panels, which combine thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone tests, with these advantages:

  • Lower price for the bundle than for the sum of the individual tests together

  • Receive a single, comprehensive report used to assess the overall hormonal status

  • Allows a bigger and better assessment of which hormone imbalances are causing symptoms. This helps avoid the costly mistake of treating a secondary hormonal imbalance that is not the root source. A comprehensive profile will help isolate which gland is out of normal range.

Individual tests, on the other hand, are an excellent means of tracking a known problem that has been previously isolated and now requires ongoing monitoring.

Comprehensive Hormone Test Profiles are an excellent way to isolate a problem from symptoms that can be caused by several glands. The adrenal, thyroid and reproductive hormones work in harmony. When one or more of the hormones become unbalanced, this affects the balance of the whole system. Symptoms common to hormonal imbalances in the endocrine systems are seen as the body struggles to maintain balance, but does not succeed.

When patients have hormone-related symptoms, it is usually not a clear-cut case of one hormone level being abnormal or even one hormone system.

Without an overall picture of which hormone systems are affected, it is often difficult to know the best clinical course of action for correcting the imbalance.

See more info on each test profile below:

AdvancedPlus - 10 tests including Vitamin D
HIS AdvancedPlus - 10 tests including PSA, no Vitamin D
Combo - 9 testes: same as AdvancedPlus, but no Vitamin D

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