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Health Advocacy

Canary Club is a health advocacy group created to help you take charge of your own health. For over a decade we have been inspired by our mission to make hormone lab tests accessible to all, and to provide important health information that improves lives. We strive to provide at-home thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones and neurotransmitters lab testing at the lowest prices available anywhere.

Together we are shifting health care into the hands of the individual. Join us!


Be Informed

Wellness Can't Happen When Hormones Are Out-of-Balance “You should get your hormones tested!” How many times have you heard that comment? We’re often encouraged to look closely at our hormones when we experience symptoms that hint at...
Tracking Hormone Levels to Attain Fitness Goals Are you struggling with hormone imbalance while trying to start or maintain a fitness program? Take a deeper dive into achieving fitness with hormone testing. Monitor wellness milestones to...
Part 1: Diagnostic Testing Revealed In November 2020, after having spent more than a year trying to feel better about himself, 24 year-old "Alex" was ready to toss in the towel. "Nothing I do has helped. So what's the point?" he asked....
Part 2: A Journey to Freedom We introduced you to 24 year-old "Alex" in our Part 1 Story in Jan 2021. Alex had been struggling with severe symptoms of fatigue, depression, anxiety, and sleep restlessness. These symptoms contributed to...

Use our Be Informed library to better assess your health...


"What if your situation is not an abnormal medical problem, but simply borderline gland function?

You can take charge of your hormonal balance and learn to restore and revive your hormones."

- Dr. Richard Shames
  Medical Advisor and Hormone Health Expert

Home Hormone Testing

Asian woman sitting at table looking out windowHormone imbalance can have a severe impact on your health, and yet, it often goes undiagnosed.

You visit a specialist after specialist only to be told nothing is wrong. We understand that feeling of frustration and helplessness.

Chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, foggy thinking, fertility issues, inability to lose weight despite exercise and healthy diet... there are hundreds of symptoms of low or high production of the thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones.

Canary Club’s home saliva and blood spot test kits detect specific hormone imbalances that traditional testing ignores, including TSH, TPO, free T3, and free T4 of the thyroid gland, cortisol and DHEA of the adrenals, and testosterone, estrogen and progesterone of the reproductive organs. Hormone Imbalance Tests - order lab tests online, DIY at home.

Now you can start to get the answers you need, directly through our at-home thyroid, hormone, and neurotransmitter testing.

Order lab tests online, in the privacy of your home, and see the easy-to-read results for yourself!

"The Advanced Plus test has changed my life, literally. Thank you Canary Club! I hope you know the importance of what you do and I am a true example of that. I’ll forever be grateful." – Jennifer

Welcome to Canary Club Testing, a longtime provider of At-Home Diagnostic Tests. Collect your samples in the "no-touch" safety and privacy of your home, avoiding the need to go to a lab. Return the samples directly to the lab in the return envelope provided with the test kit.  Your results are available for viewing online through the lab's secure server. Generally 4-7 business days from the time the samples are received back at the lab. 

Canary Club offers a spectrum of diagnostic tests to fully assess hormone levels, neurotransmitters, heavy metals, and essential elements.  Using the online comprehensive results you can determine risk factors related to thyroid balance, stress levels contributing to heart and diabetes conditions. Weight problems due to hormonal imbalance can be easily determined. Co-factors preventing pregnancy and biological impairment to fertility can also be discovered.  

Each diagnostic test has a specific sample type or combination of saliva, blood spot, and urine.  Order your "touchless" tests online from Canary Club, collect your sample at home, and see the easy to read results in your private online account.

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