We know vitamin and mineral products can enhance hormone balance.  The quality and consistency ensures optimal thyroid, adrenal, and sex gland recovery. 

The products offered by drugstores and health food stores are manufactured with lenient industry standards for potency and purity.

For that reason, Dr. Shames has worked for years with two specific companies known to the medical profession to provide an exceptional degree of quality control.  These manufacturers optimally source their ingredients and use hypo-allergic fillers and excipients.

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Canary Club website visitors and patients of Dr. Shames can order evidence-based professional grade formulas from Metagenics.

You will be routed to the Dr. Shames Metagenics landing page where you can create an account and browse the available supplements. 

Dr. Shames recommends the following Metagenics supplements:

  • Adreset
  • BioPure Protein
  • Ceralin
  • Co-Q-10 ST100
  • Cortico B5 B6
  • D3-1000
  • Energenics
  • Gingko Rose
  • Licorice Plus
  • Lipotain
  • Mentalin
  • Multigenics
  • MyoCalm – PM
  • Omega EFA
  • Oxygenics
  • St. John’s Wort with Actifolate and B12
  • Somnalin
  • Thyrosol
  • UltraDophilus DF
  • Wellness Essentials











WholeScripts powered by Xymogen

Xymogen has products for general hormone balance:

  • multivivitamin/mineral,
  • extra anti-oxidants,
  • essential fatty acids, and
  • extra amino acids.

Xymogen makes specific vitamin, mineral, and herbal formulas for each specific endo-type. Dr. Shames recommendations are listed below. 

Xymogen has over 25 years of experience, operating as Atlantic ProNutrients or APN, in providing exclusive professional formulas to health care practitioners. As an independent health sciences company, Xymogen has introduced numerous innovations to the Functional Medicine Community.

XYMOGEN exclusivity
The purpose of WholeScripts is to be a one-stop shop for all professional-grade nutritional and herbal supplements. It is the ONLY website where patients can order XYMOGEN formulas and have them delivered directly to their door. Unlike other brands of supplements, XYMOGEN formulas are only available through licensed healthcare practitioners. In the future, WholeScripts will also include other select nutraceutical formulas not currently available through XYMOGEN. That’s how dedicated to health we are: WholeScripts for whole health.

The Xymogen line of formulas was researched and developed based on the overwhelming demands of their customers, with regard to maintaining the most effective nutraceuticals on the market.

Dr. Shames Recommends the following Xymogen formulas:

  • ActivNutrients   (multi-vitamin)
  • Adrenal Essence   (ginseng stress formula)
  • ALAmax CR   (alpha-lipoic)
  • CoQmax CF   (Co-Q-10)
  • Corticare-B   (pantothenic, B6)
  • D3 Liquid 1000   (vitamin D)
  • 5-HTP CR   (five-hydroxy-tryptophan)
  • IgG Pure   (amino acids)
  • LipotropiX   (guggulsterone, taurine)
  • L-Theanine 200
  • Med Caps T3   (rosemary, ashwaganda, selenium)
  • Med Caps Menopause
  • Melatonin
  • MemorAll   (ginkgo)
  • Mood Food   (GABA)
  • Omega Pure EFA   (essential oils omega 3-6-9)
  • Oraxinol   (anti-oxidant)
  • Prostate Flo
  • SedaLin  (sleep herbs)
  • SerenX   (Chinese herbal relaxer)
  • T – 150   (thyroid glandular, iodine)


Global Healing CenterCanary Club also recommends Global Healing Center for natural supportive supplements including female hormone balancing, heavy metal cleansing, vitamin D, weight loss, liver cleansing, probiotic/colon health and much much more.

Get started by reading this short yet helpful article: How to Keep Your Endocrine System in Balance

Full Script Supplements

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