A woman's sexual desire (libido) naturally fluctuates over the years.

Highs and lows in libido can coincide with the beginning or ending of a relationship, and with major life changes such as pregnancy, menopause or illness and can greatly affect the quality of life.

Mood swings are one of the most common symptoms of menopause.

creating a rollercoaster of emotions for the women who suffer from them, if you are one of these people, there are some simple changes that you can make to ease the emotional teeter-totter caused by fluctuating hormones.  

by Georjana Shames, LAc

During the long, dark winter months one's immune system is constantly bombarded by pathogenic factors, but you CAN stay healthy this time around.

There is an ancient Acupuncture proverb that states: It is not the seed that matters, it is the soil.

This indicates that whether you stay healthy absolutely depends more on the strength of your immune system than the germs to which you are exposed. But carrying hand sanitizer is still a great idea!

It's that time of year again when people swear off cookies and alcohol and rush out to purchase gym memberships.

In fact, studies show that the three most common new years resolutions are losing weight, exercising more and quitting smoking . . . all health-related.