ZRT Adrenal Stress Profile

Same as the Diurnal Cortisol 4x Stress test, which measures a complete daily cortisol cycle, plus DHEA-S which is also an indicator of adrenal health. Low DHEA-S can lead to chronic fatigue and weight gain. High DHEA-S levels can promote androgen (male) features in women, and is an indicator of adrenal tumors and PCOS.


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This test measures the levels of the adrenal hormone cortisol, taken four times in a 24-hour period (morning, noon, evening, and nighttime). Recommended for those who experience long-term situational stress and fatigue, an indicator of adrenal imbalance.

Symptoms of Hormone Dysfunction

Changed patterns of cortisol levels have been observed in connection with abnormal ACTH levels, clinical depression, psychological stress, and such physiological stressors as hypoglycemia, illness, fever, trauma, surgery, fear, pain, physical exertion or extremes of temperature.

What does the Canary Club Adrenal Stress Profile check?

Cortisol: By collecting four samples of your saliva, this test will reveal the level of cortisol (a hormone excreted from your adrenal gland) throughout a 24-hour period. The amount of cortisol present in your body undergoes diurnal variation, with the highest levels present in the early morning, and the lowest levels present around midnight, or 3-5 hours after the onset of sleep.

DHEA-S: This hormone is much more stable in the body than DHEA. This is because the kidneys remove DHEA and DHEA-S from the blood but clear DHEA-S at a much slower rate that DHEA, leaving more DHEA-S remaining in the body. If your doctor suspects that you may have a deficiency in DHEA or DHEA-S, the level of DHEA-S will likely be tested due to its stability.

High DHEA and DHEA-S levels may be an indicator of certain health conditions such as adrenal cancer or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It can also promote androgen (male) features in women.

DHEA-S levels naturally decline with age; low DHEA-S can lead to chronic fatigue and weight gain.

There is also significant individual variation, although a given person tends to have consistent rhythms.

Canary Club Adrenal Stress Test:

Measures cortisol levels at 4 times throughout the day using saliva.
Tests DHEA-S levels once.

Diurnal 4X Cortisol Yes
Sample Type
Saliva Yes