Dear Hormones,  
   Where have you gone, and just when I need you the most?

Behind every earnest ambition, desire, and pursuit there is a hormone driving our passions.  Hormones play as much of a role in a man’s interests as do his diet, sleep, and exercise. Our human drives are the result of hormones transforming energy into motivational pursuits.

With more recent science, we see that men have hormonal cycles just like women—with spikes and plunges even more drastic than those experienced during a menstrual cycle.  For some men, these cycles can last for many years caused by an underlying hormonal imbalance.

Hormones are powerful.

They drive the formation of our personality and have more to do with its ongoing development and thought process than any other biological process—influencing our intentions in each and every stage of our life. 

 Reduced hormone levels due to natural aging can affect men, too!


Testosterone, likely the first hormone that you think of in regards to men’s sexual health. 

Testosterone is essential for strength, stamina, the development of the reproductive system, strong bones, and a healthy libido. 

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