ZRT Menstrual Cycle Mapping

An assessment of sex hormones (estrogen & progesterone) and LH patterns throughout a menstrual cycle to help health care practitioners get to the root of challenging menstrual symptoms, irregular cycles, amenorrhea, hormonal mood swings, PMS/PMDD or infertility.

Price: $329.00

This NEW test is ideal for women who want to know their key sex hormone levels throughout a complete monthly cycle.

The Menstrual Cycle Mapping test helps assess the root cause of:

  • challenging menstrual symptoms
  • irregular cycles
  • anemorrhea
  • hormonal mood swings
  • strong PMS/PMDD
  • fertility issues

This test measures your month-long cycle of E2 (Estradiol, an estrogen), Progesterone (Pg), and Leutenizing Hormone (LH). You collect dried urine samples at your own home every other day, starting on day 7 of your cycle.

Advantages of Dried Urine over Saliva Testing for Menstrual Cycle Mapping

  • Hormones are exceptionally stable in dried urine for months at room temperature, allowing for patients to collect samples every other day and store them at home.
  • Urine collection is as simple as saliva collection for frequent testing, but dried urine samples are easy to store whereas saliva samples should be kept frozen during the collection span.
  • Urine testing for menstrual cycle mapping includes assessment of LH, estrogen and progesterone, whereas saliva testing cannot determine LH.

Your results are delivered online and include handy graphs of your cycle.
See sample report here.

Menstrual Cycle Mapping test is not designed for women who are on birth control, supplementing with hormones or post menopausal.

Women who are interested in this test for assessing fertility may also consider our comprehensive Fertility Profile which includes thyroid, adrenal and additional sex hormone tests. While Menstrual Cycle Mapping reveals three hormone levels that can pinpoint the time of ovulation, the Fertility Profile identifies a broader array of 12 tests that help assess imbalances or conditions that affect whether a woman can get and stay pregnant.

Those who want the most comprehensive picture of fertility hormone levels should ask their health care provider about using BOTH profiles in combination.

Estradiol (E2) Yes
LH Yes
Progesterone Yes
Sample Type
Dried Urine Yes

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