As I ate a traditional slice of pumpkin pie and whipped cream after Thanksgiving dinner, I felt happy connecting it with good memories.

Then, the fond remembrances dissolved as I did what I always do – got mad at myself because I knew extra pounds would inevitably follow.

 The holidays have rolled around again, and with them, the ups and downs of cyclic weight gain threated to overtake us.  

This has to end I thought. I've got to find a new solution to keep excess weight off at the holidays because it seems as the years march on, those extra pounds never leave.

As I researched more, I found all the usual ways to prevent holiday weight gain. But suddenly there were five, unforeseen gems tucked away in several sources that I knew could actually help.

The good news: I really didn't have to curtail my eating that much.Tips for preventing weight gain achieving weight loss during the holiday season

Secret Weight Loss Strategies for the Holidays

  1. Start your day with plenty of protein. This is helpful especially during the holidays because when you eat protein, it takes much longer to digest and keeps your blood sugar stable for about 4 hours. Translation – you won't be hungry and you won't be craving sugar.

  2. Drink one full glass of water between every holiday alcoholic beverage. This is a winner in two ways: first, you stay sober, avoiding a lack of inhibitions which can cause overeating, and second, you drink less eggnog and alcohol, meaning fewer calories.

  3. Don't skip any meals. When you skip meals, your blood sugar screams for carbs. Carbs turn quickly into sugar, and excess sugar turns into excess pounds. Add more protein and veggies into your regular eating pattern and you'll have an easier time and won't go hungry at your holiday parties.

  4. Fill up on fiber, like a bowl of oat bran, before a holiday party. Fiber will make you feel fuller and then it's harder to eat a lot at those office and home holiday parties.

  5. THE BEST KEPT SECRET OF ALL – Hormonal imbalance can literally make you eat. It's almost like a drug addiction, only the drug you crave is food, and you usually want only the bad carbohydrates like cookies, bread, cake, etc.

How Do You Know If You Are Hormonally Imbalanced?

Answer these questions:

  • Are you sluggish and tired, even when you wake up in the morning?
  • Do you gain weight easily and it won't seem to come off even when you exercise?
  • Do you just keep eating, even when you know you're full?
  • Do you have hot flashes and night sweats?
  • Do you have mood swings?
  • Do you have dry skin, acne, or dull, lifeless hair?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, your hormones may likely be out of balance.

But How Can You Be Sure?

Order the Weight Management Profile and help identify specific hormone imbalances associated with excess weight gain. It will take a couple of weeks to test and get the results so make sure you order the profile before the holiday season gets too hectic.

Once you have your results, if they show you have a hormonal imbalance, it's easy to have your health care provider create a hormonal balancing plan. Ideally this will give you lots of energy, help you sleep like a baby, clear your head and best of all, prevent those holiday pounds from sticking around, thus bringing you back to your desired weight!

Happy Healthy Holidays,

Lynn Larkin
co-founder of Canary Club

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