Help with diagnosing hypothyroidismYou Rock!

You are awesome because you give a discount to the many of us who have been suffering for years with hypothyroidism, and gone undiagnosed, having to get endless labs. You give us a break because you understand how hard it is to treat this type of disease when you are dependent on a doctor to fix you. You allow, and support, the patient to take control of her own recovery, empowering the individual. And for that, you rock!

- Ali

I Now Have Hope

It is evident to me that Canary Club is dedicated to improving people's lives. The wealth of info and articles is wonderful and, as someone who has found it hard  to get answers from doctors, I'm excited to have such a great resource at my fingertips! I am touched by Canary Club's mission and thankful for their services. I now have hope that I can get the answers I need to truly take charge of my healing. Thank you!
- E.F.

Canary Club easy to use hormone tests helped meThank You So Much for Making It Easy - I Can't Do Anything Hard Right Now

I have been feeling "off" - just generally unwell for about eighteen months. I tried a bit of this and a bit of that - but nothing seemed to help. I don't have health insurance, so the cost of doctors, consultation, testing and treatments was a real concern to me.

A friend recommended I try you just to find out if it was my hormones causing this malady, as I suspected. She said just knowing what was causing this feeling lousy could help; so I registered and ordered a test.
It was sooo easy. Thank you so much for making it easy - I can't do anything hard right now, my brain just won't allow it. The tests arrived quickly and were super easy to use. Again, the easy factor and with it my gratitude. Thank you so much for the great, clear, easy-to-follow instructions.
When the results arrived I was relieved to know my hormones weren't as out of whack as I had suspected. Thank goodness. I have been taking natural supplements and I am actually starting to feel better.  
I must say though, my friend was right, just knowing my hormones were out of whack (but not too dramatically out) really gave me peace of mind. They say the mind has a lot to do with healing - I believe it and I am sure the supplements help a lot too.
Thank you so much Canary Club. You provide a great service.
- J. Curtis

Has By Far the Best Price

I'm delighted with the number of tests per panel and the very reasonable price. I've researched a number of places and Canary Club has by far the best price and the greatest number of tests per panel.

What a wonderful thing you've done for women's health by starting this club. It's especially helpful for those of us who live in CA to be able to order tests without having to first get a dr's prescription. I belong to Kaiser and of course they only order 'run of the mill' tests and even if you're found to be hormone deficient they trot out the synthetics.

Many thanks to you again. I do appreciate the tests available and the prices.

- June

Empowering women to get vital health informationWhy I Love Canary Club

I love the Canary Club because it empowers women & men with vital information about hormone imbalances. Canary Club also provides people with affordable hormone testing kits to help regain their health. Canary Club is a blessing to so many.  I pray it will continue its good work and I will share the site with others in need.
- Wendy

I'll Forever Be Grateful

Thank you Canary Club! The Advanced Plus test has changed my life, literally. I've been suffering for so long to the point of not being able to work but a few hours a week. Constant anxiety, fatigue, depression, heart palpitations... I could go on and on. Seeing my cortisol and hormone tests has now given my doctor what they need to help me. I never sleep, I wake up in panic with seat or freezing every 30-45 minutes. Cortisol spikes and feeling like I don't want to live. Now I have hope and it's all because of your test. Just a few suggested changes from others have helped in just the last few days. Thank you all so much for your help and I hope you a know the importance of what you do and I am a true example of that.

- Jennifer

Thank you!

I greatly appreciate the fine list of tests that you make available. As a patient trying to be proactive concerning her health, it is very, very frustrating to be told by doctors that such testing is unnecessary and/or unavailable. Many thanks for offering such a great sampling of such excellent tests - at fair prices, too!

- Jacqueline



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