Canary Club offers "state-of-the-art" home hormone testing directly to the individual, at the lowest prices, from nationally CLIA certified labs.

Ordering directly from Canary Club gives you the hormone results directly to you, allowing you to consult with a practitioner of your own choosing. People who have hormone abnormalities should be treated by a practitioner or an endocrinologist.

Saliva, like other body fluids, contains trace amounts of hormones. Dr. Richard Shames writes: "saliva tests are far more accurate for hormone testing because they provide highly accurate information about hormone levels at a given point in time".

For example, a saliva hormone test is actually preferred to a blood test in the diagnosis of patients with Cushing's syndrome, an endocrine condition that causes overproduction of cortisol. A salivary cortisol test may be performed using a saliva sample from the evening when cortisol levels should be low. If the test reveals high levels, it is a sign that the patient is making too much cortisol and that the body's circadian rhythms have been disrupted.

Such tests are less expensive than blood tests and they are also less invasive. Results are returned in 5 days, directly to you from the lab.

How Can Saliva Hormone Testing Help You?

  • Saliva testing can identify hormone imbalances that may be causing unwanted symptoms and chronic health problems... like fatigue, low sex drive, hot flashes, foggy thinking, stress, mood swings, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression...
  • It can be used to monitor the effect of hormone treatment programs
  • It is vital for disease prevention and anti-aging programs
  • It will tell you your best course of treatment

Why Saliva Testing?

  • Saliva testing is the most reliable way to measure free, "bio-available" hormone activity - hormones actually doing their job at the cell level. Most blood tests do not measure "bio-available" hormone levels.
  • Saliva hormones more accurately reflect tissue uptake and response of hormones delivered through the skin in creams, gels, or patches. Blood and urine assays significantly underestimate hormones delivered topically, often resulting in overdosing.
  • Saliva collection is painless - no needles. It negates the need for blood drawing, which often causes stress that can alter test results.
  • Saliva collection is easy and can be done anyplace at your convenience.

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