The simple truth is that several common hormone imbalances can undermine even the most enthusiastic attempts at losing weight.

Scale Weight Loss

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common hidden culprits behind stubborn weight loss. Hypothyroidism means that your body doesn’t generate enough of the thyroid hormone. Your thyroid is considered underactive when there are high levels of serum TSH concentrations in your body. .Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t the sole answers to slimming away those unwanted pounds. 

Studies suggest that even the smallest of increases in serum TSH concentrations may be associated with those few extra pounds. Fortunately, the solution to an underactive thyroid could be as easy as getting a little extra iodine.

Canary Club offers a simple iodine sufficiency test that can help you assess the dosage you may need.

Adrenal Burnout, Stress & Cortisol

Excessive stress, the underlying cause of "Adrenal Burnout", can be from many sources. Chemical toxicity and nutritional depletion are among the physical causes. Mental, emotional, or spiritual stress may be a major factor.  Financial, family, or other stress may also contribute to adrenal burnout.

Cortisol is sometimes called "the stress hormone" and it is another common roadblock to weight loss. During a stressful event, your adrenal glands release cortisol as a part of your body’s natural “flight or fight” response. However, when stress is prolonged, chronically elevated levels of cortisol stay in your body which can cause the accumulation of dense belly fat.

Meanwhile, stress can sabotage your weight loss efforts in other ways such as triggering overeating and suppressing critical fat-burning hormones.

The most accurate way to gain insights into the daily fluctuating cortisol pattern of your body and arrive at a proper diagnosis and treatment protocol is to test four times a day. Canary Club offers a Diurnal Cortisol 4x test which includes four samples of cortisol collected through saliva. The cortisol test is a component of our comprehensive AdvancedPlus Profile.

Balancing your hormones may help you move your scale in the right direction. Losing unwanted weight is healthy not only for your body but for your overall happiness. Natural supplements may be surprisingly helpful in balancing your thyroid and adrenals.

Xymogen, offered through Canary Club, carries natural supplements to help with thyroid and adrenal imbalances. Dr. Richard Shames, our chief medical advisor, recommends Thyroid Glandular Support, T-150, and Med Caps T-3 for thyroid imbalance. And for adrenals, he recommends Coritcare-B, Adrenal Essence, and T-150.

Canary Club's mission is to educate, support, and empower people whose hormone health has been compromised.