This interview by Marilee Tolen, RN on "The Green Tea with Marilee" show is with Karilee Shames, PhD, RN - who co-authored the book "Thyroid Power" with her husband Dr. Richard Shames.


The hour spent listening to this show is well worth your time. In this interview, Holistic Nurse, Karilee Shames, talks candidly about her own thyroid challenges and how she and her physician husband had researched this topic and found very little information. ..let alone natural approaches.


I think you will enjoy this show, even if you are not challenged with a thyroid problem. . .you may know someone who is. or, possibly, you are a healthcare professional who oversees the care of people challenged with this issue. Karilee ties in the association of the thyroid with the functioning of our other glands. including hormones.

If you have questions about your hormonal functioning you will get lots of resources and ideas!

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