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Today EWG is releasing a dramatically expanded and improved version of our popular cosmetics and personal care products database, Skin Deep. The site has been redesigned top to bottom, and we've added ratings for nearly 10,000 more products.

Now in its fourth year and third major update, our Skin Deep product safety database provides safety ratings for nearly 25,000 personal care products - almost a quarter of all products on the market - and the 7,000 ingredients they contain. Due to gaping loopholes in federal law, companies can put virtually any ingredient into personal care products. Even worse, the government does not require pre-market safety tests for any of them. Our aim is to fill in where companies and the government left off.

Skin Deep is the only tool available to consumers to assess and compare the safety of personal care products.

Looking for safer sunscreen to protect the kids this summer? Or shampoos without dangerous preservatives? Skin Deep helps you learn what not to buy, and helps you find safer options for you and your family.

And along with with adding thousands of products and a dozen new toxicity databases, we have also overhauled the look and feel of Skin Deep. You'll find it easier to search for products and find answers about how chemicals affect our health.

While we believe that making informed shopping decisions matters, the lack of safety testing reveals major gaps in our system of public health protections. So how can you make a difference?

  • First, please visit Skin Deep and sign the EWG Action Fund petition to Congress demanding that manufacturers prove the safety of their products before they are allowed to sell them.
  • Second, make a donation to support our work. We rely on individuals to provide us with the funds to update the database and make a difference in Congress.

At about one million page views per month and growing, Skin Deep is the world's most popular online product safety guide. Many thanks for your support. Enjoy the new and improved Skin Deep.

To access Skin Deep go to https://tinyurl.com/2ybnne

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