While it is true that the levels of mercury, lead, cadmium, and other toxin are increasing in everyone worldwide, for over 8 years I have assisted thousands of people in developing a personal detox plan resulting in a staggering reduction in toxicity within an individual.  


Vicki Latham, Gulu, Uganda, June 2014

Having just returned from a trip to Uganda, Africa, I am even more emphatic in my passionate belief that this generation, more so than any other before it, is faced with the challenge to restore our planet to a sustainable garden.  This restoration is only possible when an individual commits him/herself to be informed and educated on the environmental toxicity adversely harming not just their own health, but the health of future generations.
While in Africa, I had a conversation with a biologist whose company, in the hope of reducing malaria, was there spraying insecticides to kill mosquitoes. We talked about the changes to the once pristine wilderness that surrounded us, the alterations to our food sources, the increase of toxins in our air and water, and reductions of the honey bee population.
Towards the end of our visit, she said with a hopeless sigh, "let's face it, our planet is screwed."
I am not ignoring the environmental changes that are happening, but I reject her statement. Yet, the questions remain.  People I meet while traveling everywhere on the globe are very concerned wanting to know what they can do that will make a difference.


It's no wonder that we are tired and sick. More than 75% of all cancers are a direct result of a toxic insult to our cells.
Studies reveal:
  • on average you have over 212 toxins stored in your body. (1)
  • even newborns are toxic, with studies showing an average of over 200 industrial chemicals and heavy metals present in their umbilical cord blood at birth. (2)
Knowing that the average infant is born contaminated, what is the chance that you and I are toxin-free? Probably slim. The problems of environmental toxicity are no longer a future worst-case scenario; it has become suddenly real.
The general opinion held by Americans is consumer products have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe. Believe that and you would be wrong.
Consider that 85,000 chemicals in everyday use are treated by state and federal agencies as safe until proven dangerous. (3) This means that what is true for pharmaceuticals and pesticides is not true for industrial chemicals—they do not have to test their chemicals before putting them in products on store shelves for you to buy. The current regulations for producers require information only when it is needed to assess safety. Loosely translated it means that a large number of people must die or suffer before an industrial contaminant is restricted. Regrettably, that is our current situation.
More than 75% of all cancers are a direct result of a toxic insult to our cells. (4),(5) Toxic overload depletes the enzymes necessary for the functioning of our metabolism.
Our internal detoxification process is forced to work overtime to rid our bodies of foreign contaminants. Also, our immune systems are over-stimulated resulting in higher incidents of autoimmune diseases. Toxins fill our cellular receptor sites interfering with normal hormonal functioning and affect our reproductive ability—and get this—that of the next four generations.

Toxins fill our cellular receptor sites interfering with normal hormonal functioning and affect our reproductive ability—and get this—that of the next four generations.

For a growing worldwide human population dependent on advances in technology, we seem at first glance to be faced with a no-win dilemma of limited options—deciding between the continued use of manufacturing methods requiring highly toxic materials or to slow down and entirely stop production in key emerging technologies. There might be other alternatives available to us.


Most of the health issues that you might think are genetic in origin and unchangeable—can actually be changed.
Our genes are collectively referred to as DNA and are in the center of each of the trillions of cells in our body. DNA does more than just pass on genetic information from generation to generation. They constantly send encoded messages to our cells, through proteins called epi-genes.  It has been proven, that while our genes do not change in our lifetime, our epi-genes do change. They are altered or damaged by chemical exposures, viruses, and malnutrition and these changes can be passed on to at least 4 generations.
The good news is that epi-genes can resume their normal functioning after detoxification by removing the bad stuff, while the remainder of the job is handled by nutrients in healthy food to restore the good stuff.
Healthy Food is vibrant with a synergistic dance between their vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes. This synergy is not possible from food that has been grown on toxic, dead soil, with chemical fertilizers that do not contain all the trace elements necessary for optimal nutrient content.
And, nutritional supplements, intended to add what is missing from our diets, usually contain more lab manufactured chemicals, which are the ingredients in over 95% of our supplements.(6)  Food nutrients can be recognized and used by our cells; chemically manufactured ones, may not be.  In fact, depending on their source, they may contain heavy metal contaminants, adding even more toxins to our body.
The logical response is to remove the toxic chemicals and heavy metals from our bodies, that can cause cellular dysfunction, and at the same time, improve our diet with high-quality nutrition for healing. 


Our own bodies are very good at detoxification; but when our "body burden" exceeds what can be eliminated, the body stores these toxins, usually in fat and bone. Detoxifying pathways exist in our liver, kidneys, bowel, skin, even our breath. A high toxic body burden stresses these pathways, and chronic diseases such as diabetes, hepatitis, colitis or hormone imbalances inhibit their ability to function efficiently.
Sustainable, organic farming practices and natural pest control can create healthier, more nutrient-dense crops, free of toxic pesticides and herbicides. (7)
Eating an abundance of raw, fresh veggies, fruits, and sprouts can have remarkable detoxification properties.
Our body is capable of an amazing degree of cellular adaptability to toxic exposures. (8)  A healthy, well-nourished cell can frequently prevent these chemicals from causing problems. Toxic heavy metals can compete with healthy minerals. For example, lead can displace calcium on receptor sites, especially if the sites are deficient in calcium. Lead is stored primarily in our bones but can re-enter the circulation, causing symptoms such as muscle pain, numbness or tingling of the extremities, memory loss, stomach pain, fertility issues, and even high blood pressure. (9)  It is essential that we Get the Lead Out! (10)
There are many natural options that aid the body in detoxifying better. For most people when you say "detox", they think of colon cleansing regimens or various herbal treatments. But even the enjoyment of a massage helps to detoxify the body. These ACTIVELY stimulate the body to release stored toxins back into circulation to be eliminated through our detoxification pathways.  Unfortunately, detox reactions, such as diarrhea, fever, rashes, and general fatigue, can often make you feel worse before you feel better. 
The advantage of PASSIVE detox is it is safe, effective, and easy to do.  It does not directly involve or stress the body's detox pathways, and detox reactions are rare. A natural mineral called Clinoptilolite (11) is proven to actually capture, and eliminate toxic particles for you.
Please visit the resources page on my web site www.toxinclear.com for a more complete explanation of both Passive and Active Detox methods, which can be done individually or together for maximum detoxification benefits.  Also, visit the Products page for recommended Detox products.


My own detoxification experience launched the journey that created a whole new direction for how I have served my patients.  Now, I will begin working with Canary Club members who want to explore this vital self-care adventure with me, as their "detoxification health coach."
My goal: To help you to rid your body of the harmful things that should have never been there, and to improve your cellular health with optimal nutrition. I can also discuss your hormonal, metabolic, and fertility issues with you as well.  
Please visit my web site where you will perhaps discover that the reason you have not seen the benefits you have expected from your diet, exercise, and supplementing activities, or even from your medications, or hormonal replacement therapy, may be due to a toxic body burden that is sabotaging your efforts, and shortchanging your results.
I have helped thousands of people to successfully detoxify their bodies, and the benefits are life-changing...Detox is the missing link in your health regimen.


I can help you begin your detox journey. Book your first consult during the month of July & August, and it will be discounted by 30%. A $45 savings, which will be enough to pay for a 5 week supply of PURE BODY (Passive Detox) Clinoptilolite drops.
Wishing you optimal health and an effective and purposeful life's journey, 
Vicki Latham P.A.-C.
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