Why A Good Physician is Vital

Do you have a good doctor? 


Tired of looking for answers to why you feel tired, moody, pudgy and just plain crappy? Sick of hearing doctors tell you “everything is normal?” - when you know it most certainly is not?

What if it isn’t just an age thing or an all-in-your-head thing?

Choosing a good endocrinologist, hormone doctor

Hundreds of frustrated patients have a less-than-helpful doctor.  You may have a physician who is racing to get through his or her patients (while trying to meet the demands of a facility, clinic, hospital, or health insurance company) with little regard to your actual health.  Perhaps you have experienced a doctor who puts little time and energy into your appointments. 

This type of doctor:

  • ends the appointment without hearing all of your concerns
  • patronizes and dismiss you
  • says “it is all in your head”
  • says “you just need to exercise more” or “you just need to eat less”
  • says“your blood test results were normal; there’s nothing wrong with you”
  • says “you just need an anti-depressant”
  • does not return your calls
  • stereotypes you based on age or other factors
  • refuses to work with another physician of your choice
  • dissuades you from weaning off of a medication

It is important for your health and well-being to have a solid professional behind your medical care.  You are your own advocate and are encouraged to proactively find a good doctor.

What would it feel like to:

  • be heard by an expert health professional who knows how to find the subtle things that can wreak havoc with our health and sanity?
  • sleep through the night and wake up refreshed?
  • easily lose the weight you’ve been unable to no matter what you do?
  • get through the day with energy to spare?
  • feel you are in control no matter what comes your way in the day today?

Endocrinologist, Hormone Expert, Hormone ConsultationsHow about a health practitioner who:

  • is courteous and supportive
  • has a helpful and respectful staff
  • views you as a unique individual
  • inspires you to want better health
  • alleviates your anxiety about procedures
  • views you as an equal partner on a health care team
  • is cooperative about your requests for ancillary treatments
  • will review research materials that you provide to him or her
  • answers questions to your satisfaction, never brushing you off
  • presents valuable information and is current with the latest research
  • thoroughly accesses your physical, mental, and emotional well being
  • is interested and supportive when discussing vitamins or natural remedies
  • presents concerns to you in a positive manner, rather than blaming or scaring you

Of course, no doctor is entirely responsible for your health.  You must do your part to eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, drink in moderation, not smoke, and reduce stressors.

Thyroid problems

Due in part to the dynamics of the doctor/patient relationship, conditions, diseases, and problems often go undiagnosed.  Unfortunately, some people search for years to understand why they aren’t feeling well, spending time and money on doctors, tests, prescriptions, and procedures. 

In some cases undetected thyroid problems are the root cause of the poor health, largely eluding modern medicine.  Women are especially affected by imbalances in their hormones, which are complex and change throughout their lives.  For example, hormones shift when a woman:

  • becomes a mother
  • begins menopause
  • experiences high levels of stress

Physical and emotional symptoms of a hormone imbalance are unpleasant and persistent, negatively impacting every facet of life.  A proper diagnosis is critical to helping you feel your best; in fact, you may need a team to help you manage a chronic illness or one that comes on without any warning.  A team of professionals could include a traditional doctor, a Chinese medicine doctor, a Naturopath, a massage therapist, or others. 

Dr. Richard Shames, Hormone ExpertRichard Shames, MD, has specialized in hormone treatment for three decades.  Educated at Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and NIH trained, Dr. Shames, has co-written many books, including Thyroid Power, Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? and Thyroid Mind Power.



What people have said about Dr. Shames:

"I had been to NINE different doctors over the last decade of misery, pain, and inability to enjoy life. I finally saw Dr. Shames, who was the only one to treat three hormones at the same time. Plus, he gave me the higher doses that I clearly needed.  Now I'm feeling normal again for the first time in 14 years! Plus, I've lost 22 pounds, and kept it off!"
- Paul Magid, Manalapan, New York

“For years I felt sluggish, with hair loss, dry skin, and difficulty concentrating . . .  I went from doctor to doctor; four of them told me I was normal because my tests were fine – despite low body temperature. Dr. Shames did a different thyroid test and found it was low. He found low adrenal on another of his tests. Dr. Shames' treatment has really helped. I can walk easier now, [and my] skin and hair are better.
- Jill Silverman

“I thought I was dying young, and couldn't get help from the regular doctors. Now I'm happy that I'm living my life, instead of just surviving it."
- Melinda Nadeau, Redwood City, CA

“Not one of my five previous thyroid doctors ever mentioned adrenal to me. Dr. Shames – in addition to telling me about it – added it to my thyroid program, which finally allowed me to get fully balanced.”
- Aviva Snyder, Santa Rosa, CA 


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