As a thyroid doctor I am particularly concerned about my patients' exposure to COVID-19. I believe thyroid issues are a risk factor for not only more easily contracting the virus, but also for having a more severe course of illness once it takes hold.

woman facemask profileTherefore, during these difficult times of the pandemic, I strongly recommend thyroid sufferers maintain the best possible hormone balance they can achieve. This means checking your thyroid more frequently by a blood test, as well as checking your cortisol levels as an assessment of stress.

Extra stress from the pandemic situation adversely affects the thyroid, reproductive, and adrenal hormone balance. Stress also worsens immune function.

Luckily, you can directly manage your personal thyroid hormone balance and stress hormone levels.

3D Advanced Plus packageIt all starts with knowing just where are you stand with thyroid, sex, and adrenal stress hormones. Thanks to improved technology, extremely accurate determinations of these three hormone systems are available to you right now, without having to risk exposure by seeing a doctor or going to a blood draw lab.

In my opinion, at-home hormone testing is a technological innovation akin to the improvement of cell phones over landlines. It’s one of the big innovations of the last 20 years, and if you haven’t been using it yet, now is the absolute best time to start!

All you need to do is order both the AdvancedPlus Hormone Panel and the NeuroAdvanced Panel from Canary Club. The AdvancedPlus test measures your thyroid, sex, and adrenal hormones, including cortisol. it also has a Vitamin D test to make sure you are getting enough of this vitamin which is crucial for immune system function. The NeuroAdvanced test measures your major neurotransmitters, which are also important to have balanced as they work with your hormones.

Then after ordering the lab tests online, just wait for your home test kit to arrive at your door. Follow the simple instructions enclosed within each kit in order to obtain the required saliva and fingerstick samples. Then send the kit back in its prepaid envelope, and wait a few days for the results to be emailed to you.

These results are not just a list of numbers that require a doctor to interpret. No, they include clearly described ranges, with easy to read charts, graphs and plain English to explain what they all mean. In addition, there are interpretation guides available for further information.

Dr. Richard Shames newYou may also share your numbers with health practitioners, letting them know that these are important and useful results. This CLIA level lab has a higher certification for accuracy than ANY local blood draw facility. I have been using this technology for well over a decade, and the at-home hormone and neurotransmitter test kits have been a most welcome addition to my thyroid and adrenal hormone consultation practice.

Now, with COVID-19 around, they are a must!

Stay safe and be healthy,

Richard L. Shames, MD

For a detailed look at these crucial hormone interactions, please refer to my book on the subject called FEELING FAT, FUZZY, or FRAZZLED.

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