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Comprehensive Elements/Thyroid: Measures heavy metals, essential nutrients and thyroid hormones to see if external factors may be a cause of thyroid issues.

Cortisol Awakening Response: Measures cortisol, 7 tests in one day. Shows how fast (or slow) your cortisol rises after waking in the morning.

Basic Saliva Hormone Test: Measures sex hormones estradiol, progesterone and testosterone, plus adrenal hormones cortisol (1x) and DHEA-S.

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Audrey Sourroubille Arnold - Lotus Power HealthLOTUS POWER HEALTH

Audrey Sourroubille Arnold believes that our genetic destiny isn’t fixed, and it can be edited, rewritten, changed. She is committed to finding the best tools to help us heal and thrive. Canary Club is happy to add Audrey to our short-list of recommended practitioners!

Epigenetics. Bio-individuality. Intolerances. Toxicity. Nutritional deficiencies. Gut health. And last but not least: HORMONES...