Adrenal support for the holidaysGIVE YOUR HORMONES A GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!
by Richard Shames, MD -

The following "quick tips" have been the most successful suggestions I've offered to my hormone clients. Especially during the high stress of the holidays, an extra boost for the adrenal glands can help you host family and friends more gracefully.

For many people, holiday stress is closely related to hormone imbalance, yet if left untreated some folks have to take prescription tranquilizers just to survive the hectic Christmas season. 

However, if that is not an option for you, what might be quicker than spending 20 minutes 2x daily in meditation? Similarly, what would be less grueling than 40 minutes 3x a week at the gym? And what would be more effective and less expensive than prescription tranquilizers? You guessed it: Nutritional products to balance adrenal function!

Fortunately, there are several extremely effective nutritional remedies to hormone imbalance. To choose wisely- you first need to determine which of the four main types of adrenal stress fit you best.

 If holiday stress mainly tends to make you:xymogen serenx formula with rehmannia and schizandra

  • "Wired" causing you to become agitated, tense and a bit shaky... then your best herbs would be Rehmannia and Schizandra. Available from Xymogen as "SerenX" formula.
  • "Worried" mainly causing you to ruminate constantly about what could go wrong... then your best herbal formula would be GABA and Magnesium and Selenium. Available from Xymogen as "Mood Food ES" formula.
  • "Mentally fatigued" mainly causing you to lose focus, become forgetful and have trouble organizing your thoughts... then you might best benefit from L-Carnitine and Folate. Available from Xymogen as "Corticare B" formula.
  • "Physically tired" mainly causing you to feel dragged down, washed out, or weak after exertion... then your best choice for better adrenal balance would be Ginsing and Cordyceps. Available from Xymogen in the "Adrenal Essence" formula.

Always use your own best judgment to pick the one category out of the above four that most closely describes your primary holiday stress. You may purchase the appropriate loose herbs individually and make them into a tea, but many find it more effective and easier to order a brand name formula from a reliable vitamin company.  

Your holiday season can be far less stressful if you include a well-targeted adrenal support structure along with the eggnog and shortbread cookies.

Good luck and heartfelt best wishes to you and your loved ones this holiday season!

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